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There's always more traffic

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Dear HCN,

I question Greg Hanscom's statement that the rebuilding of Interstate 15 in Utah "... at the breathtaking cost of $1.6 billion ... (is) the biggest public works project under construction anywhere in America" (HCN, 3/16/98).

The Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project here in Boston has a current, and seemingly ever-increasing, price tag of $10.8 billion. This project involves "depressing" Interstate 93 as it goes through downtown Boston: putting it underground and adding lanes and removing the elevated roadway.

It is not with any pride that I report the price of this construction project. Although the city will benefit by being reconnected with its waterfront, and will obtain additional open space, current projections of traffic flow show that current congestion will not be alleviated due to an increased number of vehicles traveling the roads by the time the project is completed. Hopefully, this will not be the case with the new I-15 through Salt Lake City.

Nathaniel Stevens

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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