Mine your jewelry box

  The Missoula, Mont., group Women's Voices for the Earth has an alternative to a proposed gold mine on the Blackfoot River: Mine Your Jewelry Box, Not the Blackfoot. The group started collecting gold jewelry last May to support public education and lawsuits aimed at stopping the McDonald gold project (HCN, 12/22/97). So far, people have donated rings, watches, cufflinks and chains that will be sold or melted down and recycled. Donna Kolius donated a gold ring that had been a gift from her ex-husband; Tatsy Guild of Kalispell kicked in a ring that has sentimental value for her, though "the value it holds pales beside the values that the Blackfoot area holds for me." For information on the Mine Your Jewelry Box campaign, contact Women's Voices for the Earth, 210 N. Higgins, Suite 206, Missoula, MT 59802, 406/543-3747, or e-mail: wve@wildrockies.org.