Playing by the rules

  When Steamboat Springs, Colo., snowmobiler Christian George was airlifted out of the backcountry in January after being lost for four days, he said he had survived with two cigarette lighters and a candy bar. Next time, he told the Denver Post, he'll take more lighters. Jackson, Wyo., film producer Sava Malachowski adds a few more items to the snowmobiler's packing list in his new video Rules of the Snow: a friend, for starters, and food, water, snowshoes, a shovel and avalanche rescue gear. Malachowski, a member of Jackson's search and rescue team, says he made the video in response to rising snowmobiling accidents in the Yellowstone region. "The more I got out there, the more I saw people getting hurt," he says. "We started picking up bodies." The film has another message: "Stay out of the wilderness," says Bridger-Teton National Forest manager Richard Roberson. For a copy of Rules of the Snow, contact SavaFilm, P.O. Box 836, Wilson, WY 83014 (307/739-2256).