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High Country News May 30, 1994


Can a copper firm restore a blasted ecosystem?

Kennecott Copper wants to clean up Bingham Canyon copper mine on its own, while Environmental Protection Agency wants to make it a Superfund site.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Good news for staff; Fan mail for Gretchen; Recycled paper; Flights over Grand Canyon; March for trees; Visitors.


Dams spill water, salmon in Northwest

National Marine Fisheries Service orders eight Columbia and Snake river dams to spill water to help save salmon.

Suit halts coyote killings

Lawsuit forces Idaho to cancel permit for shooting coyotes.

Utah's wildlife division is gutshot

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources scaled back and shaken up.

Power plant disappears

Proposal for nuclear energy plant near Show Low, Ariz., wasn't real.

Mushrooming business is curbed

Forest Service develops regulations to quell violence in Northwest's booming mushroom business.

Recycling attracts Utah tribe

Skull Valley Goshute Tribe joins forces with two environmental engineering firms in recycling business.

Babbitt attacks mining's gold heists

Barrick Goldstrike Mines pays U.S. $10,000 for $10 billion in gold.

Rural area beats back water diversion plan

American Water Development Inc. loses battle for San Luis, Colo., water.

International park draws fire

Proposal for park spanning Northern Cascades in U.S. and Canada is controversial.

A savage SLAPP suit

Group wants to stop impending destruction of Savage Rapids Dam in Oregon.

Going to pot

Marijuana dropped into Maricopa County, Ariz., irrigation canal could sprout plants all over county.

Book Reviews

Environmental group reaches out

The Colorado Environmental Coalition opens new office in Grand Junction.

Learn the limits

Regulatory Takings Resources: What are the Constitutional Limits set for University of Colorado.

Colorado Central

Colorado Central is new magazine by Ed and Martha Quillen.

ADC must go

Two reports look at abuses in Animal Damage Control program.

Wind in the West

New wind turbines spur four wind-power projects in the West.

Our West

Or West: Loving the Land conference set for Wyoming.

Changing the law of the river

Bureau of Reclamation releases draft plan to change the way the Colorado River is managed in Nevada, Arizona and California.

Sharing the land

Jackson Hole Alliance for Responsible Planning and Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative to host Sharing the Land: Preserving Jackson Whole.

All eyes on cows

Rangeland Reform "94 hearings set.

Endangered waters

American Rivers lists 10 endangered rivers.

Saving the remnants

Citizens' Wilderness Proposal for Wyoming BLM lands being developed.

Techno-weenie resources

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research hires physicist for groups that work on nuclear issues.

For rangeland reformers

Western Legislative Conference to host Rangeland Reform and Watershed Management in the West.

Is "natural regulation' leading to unnatural results?

Rocky Times in Rocky Mountain National Park - An Unnatural History by Karl Hess Jr. reviewed.


Why one advocacy group steers clear of consensus efforts

Why Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance doesn't participate in advisory groups.

Related Stories

Irrigation pumps kill salmon

Survey finds faulty screens at more than half of Northwest's dams.

The labyrinthine nature of mine waste regulations

Environmental Protection Agency wants to put gold and copper mines under Superfund regulations.

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