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High Country News October 27, 1997


Deconstructing the age of dams

California rice farmers decide to destroy salmon-blocking dams in their Sacramento Valley irrigation district.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Patricia Nelson Limerick speaks; kudos; green comic book; fall visitors.


Germany targets U.S. airspace

A proposed bombing range for the German Air Force in New Mexico raises the ire of local ranchers and environmentalists.

Snowmobiles remain an issue

Snowmobilers and the tourist industry object to the Park Service's plan to close some Yellowstone trails to snowmobiling in an effort to curb the winter wandering of park bison.

The Wayward West

Sierra Club on immigration; USFS Christian group, ACROSS; Kevin Gover to head BIA; Tyrannosaurus Sue; Colorado politics; USFS's Charles Cartwright under scrutiny; Jim Baca new mayor of Albuquerque; governor's race in Idaho.

Salmon says no bears, no way

In Salmon, Idaho, a public hearing on the possible reintroduction of grizzly bears reveals an almost-hysterical fear of bears among many of the locals.

Monumental conflict continues

Utah's congressional delegation continues to try to dismantle the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument even as the locals begin to learn to live with it.

A deal is no longer a deal in Washington

In Washington, D.C., Republicans try to resuscitate bills environmentalists thought they had killed.

Activists wade through mudslides

Idaho environmentalists accuse the Forest Service of withholding evidence that logging on steep slopes has caused recent massive mudslides on the Clearwater National Forest.

Big trees fall in contested sale

Old-growth ponderosa pines fall in New Mexico when the court denies Forest Guardian's attempt to stop the La Manga timber sale.

Tooele sputters through first year

The first year of chemical weapons incineration at Tooele, Utah, has been full of stops and starts, but the Army claims good progress has been made.

Locals rally against logging

In northern New Mexico's Chama Valley, locals protest logging on a Spanish land grant that the logging company claims is private property.

River stretch ignites a fight

Washington Sen. Patty Murray seeks to protect the stretch of the Columbia River that flows through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation - known as the Hanford Reach - as a wild and scenic river, but many locals object.

Burning down the woods

The timber company that accidentally burned 8,000 acres of Arizona's Coconino National Forest will be allowed to bid on a salvage timber sale in the burned area.


Grizzlies and the male animal

The anti-grizzly hysteria shown by local men at a Salmon, Idaho, meeting on bear reintroduction is filled with ironies for a woman who has always had to be wary of large "predators."

Luftwaffe, go home

The prospect of expanded low-level military training flights by the German Air Force in the American Southwest will "highly annoy" the local humans, and do more than just annoy the wildlife.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Joe Camel needs work; Rolling Stones not playing Buffalo, Wyo.; cows vs. mosquitoes; useful bird activities; decorating outhouse walls; grizzlies vs. lodge in Katmai Nat'l Park in Alaska; Testicle Festival in Clinton, Mont.

Related Stories

Dam deconstruction - what's next?

Other dams under consideration for possible destruction include eight in Washington and Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona.

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