May 16, 1994


Babbitt is trying to nationalize the BLM
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt discusses at the first-ever BLM summit plans to revolutionize the BLM.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Lisa Jones on land grant university project; HCN receives honors; Fish mail.


National Park Service is put on a starvation diet
New Park Service director Roger Kennedy plans sweeping reorganization and job cuts.
Court rains on title to Colorado land grant
Residents of the San Luis Valley win a victory in court for their land-use rights on the Taylor Ranch.
Jicarilla Indians expand their reservation
Jicarilla Apaches acquire new lands around their New Mexico reservation.
Lawsuit is launched against grazing in Montana
National Wildlife Federation files suit to stop public-lands grazing in Montana.
The Not O.K. Corral
Rancher Cliven Bundy refuses to pay grazing fees to BLM.
It ain't Antioch
Lance Craighead studies grizzly mating habits in Alaska.
At last, a California desert bill
California Desert Protection Act nears approval.
Woodlot owners at risk
Landowners risk being taken advantage of by unscrupulous private loggers.
A spinning door
Former BLM official Joe Hall is hired as consultant by Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.
Sleuth says wolves are usually innocent
Carter Niemeyer investigates so-called wolf-killed livestock and finds wolves are usually innocent.
A bright idea
A federal grant will install residential solar systems for rural customers.
BLM OKs drilling near cave, sort of
BLM will allow drilling for gas near Carlsbad Caverns National Park, with some reservations.
Cities fight to keep water out of the Platte
The South Platte River is being captured by cities.


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Montana wolves can't find safe habitat
The Sawtooth wolf pack in Montana is having trouble finding a home.