The road to no sprawl

  It's going to take more than a few isolated individuals to put the squeeze on suburban sprawl, according to Colorado Commons, a nonprofit think tank based in Longmont. With that in mind, the group brings together policymakers, environmentalists, developers and academics to address the state's urban growth problems. They recently sent the first issue of their quarterly newsletter, Colorado Commons, to over 6,000 journalists, academics, environmental groups, lawmakers and educators throughout the West. It includes articles on urban planning, land-use reform, state population projections, and a dose of utopian hopefulness. "We want to be educational and informational in nature, to get these issues on the table," says co-founder Hank Goldstein. For a free copy of the 48-page magazine, contact Goldstein at 303/530-1925 ext. 114, e-mail:, or write P.O. Box 417, Longmont, CO 80502-0417.