Climate Change and the West

The Sound of ... Journalism?
Telling science stories through music videos
Welcome to Shingle Mountain, Colorado
Local recycling effort has neighbors concerned about their health and the environment
Mopping up at Los Alamos
A settlement requires the defense lab to clean up polluted runoff.
CAFO air pollution crackdown?
Groups petition EPA to regulate ammonia
This Earth Day, it's all about the air
This Earth Day, it's all about the air
If you can take a nice deep breath and enjoy a clear blue sky, thank the Clean Air Act.
As seas rise, cities retreat
As seas rise, cities retreat
Climate change is threatening West Coast cities.
Out like a lion, in like a wildfire
The season's early this year, and shaping up to be a doozy, at least in Colorado
EPA Reports Massive Drop in US Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Report shows a 21 percent per capita drop over a single decade
This Week in Toxics
The latest on fracking, power companies, and Erin Brockovich
Human health v. economic health
Debate over the benefits of rules to clean the air
'Managed retreat'
West Coast communities pull back from rising seas
How better science could help solve environmental justice problems
Cumulative impacts are the not-so-new "Big Thing"
Superfund sludges on
A primer and update on the 31-year-old law
An atlas of equity
Mapping project charts proximity to environmental amenities
 Crowdsourcing helps tackle environmental injustice in California's Imperial Valley
Crowdsourcing helps tackle environmental injustice in California's Imperial Valley
The Imperial Visions Action Network is an interactive website that involves locals in reporting - and helping solve - environmental problems.
Missing the subdivisions for the trees
Symposium full of dire news about climate change's impacts on Western forests
Will the EJ legacy of Southwest coal be addressed?
Navajo Generating Station-area communities wonder
Coal in the courts
A novel lawsuit to overhaul coal leasing takes a blow.
Tricking beetles and protecting whitebark pine - a video
A citizen-scientist group helps researchers fight beetle kill
Washington's bill of (coal-free) health
State likely to phase out only coal-fired power plant