Climate Change and the West

Managing a busted climate
A federal report warns abrupt ecosystem changes will pose new challenges for resource agencies
59,000 trees can't be wrong
Big new forest study documents a regional die-off.
Finding a nuclear waste dump
Judith Lewis speaks with HCN's Marty Durlin about the search for a nuclear waste dump and her latest article, Mountain of Doubt.
Waking up to coal's other mess
A Tennessee disaster opens the public's eyes to a nationwide problem.
Mountain of doubt
Mountain of doubt
The long-delayed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nev., faces a new challenge: Barack Obama’s presidency.
Notes from the (water) underground
Research hydrologist Gordon Grant is fascinated by the groundwater in the Pacific Northwest.
Who’ll clean up when the party’s over?
Who’ll clean up when the party’s over?
There are efforts to reclaim oil and gas drilling sites, but many fear it’s too little, too late.
Passing gas
Western states are struggling to figure out how to capture the methane emissions from coal mines.
Think again before going nuclear
Think again before going nuclear
Russ Doty worries that neither presidential candidate is wary enough about nuclear power and radioactive waste disposal.
Acidifying oceans
Paleo-oceanographer James Zachos points to evidence of the last time climate change acidified the oceans, some 55 million years ago.
Back to the future
A long time ago, the earth warmed considerably; now, scientists study fossils to find out what happened – and what it might mean for us today.
Forget Wall Street, focus on the real issues
The urgency of the politicians' response to our economic troubles contrasts with the way we’re ignoring the greater crisis of climate change.
Late aspen, early melting
Informal evidence of a warming climate.
All along the watchtower
Andrew McNair, who works weekends at a computer in Olympia, Wash., is not your typical Western fire watcher.
The wandering lepidopterist
Eric Wagner joins naturalist Robert Michael Pyle on one leg of his first-ever “Big Year” – in which he will try to see as many different butterflies as he possibly can.
Agricultural water pollution on the line
Bush Administration tries again to work around Clean Water Act.
Of parks and particulates
EPA proposes relaxing pollution rules in nation's parks.
We thought we were safe
California fire victim barely escapes
Shifting sands in Navajoland
On the drought-stricken Navajo Nation, scientist Margaret Hiza Redsteer studies the movement of sand dunes.