High Country News' iPad Application

Q: What is the HCN iPap app?

If you own an iPad, the HCN iPad app is the best way to access our content on the move. The app has been optimized for the iPad and offers a range of stories to help you stay in touch with HCN content.


Q: I have a Digital Subscription to HCN. Can I access the HCN iPad app?

Yes, virtually all the recent content on hcn.org, including premium content available only to paid subscribers can be accessed on the iPad. Get access by signing in at hcn.org with your username and password when prompted.


Q. I don't have an HCN Digital Subscription. How do I get HCN on my iPad?

There are two ways to get HCN on your iPad. First, you can purchase a Digital Subscription to High Country News and get access by signing in at hcn.org with your user name and password. The second way is to go directly to the Apple App Store and browse the newsstand selections to find High Country News and purchase an iPad-only subscription.


Q. Does it cost anything to use the HCN iPad app?

Full access to the HCN iPad comes free with a paid Digital Subscription to High Country News. A Digital Subscription includes unlimited access to all content on hcn.org and the iPhone app as well as the page-flipping digital edition which looks just like the printed magazine.

You can also purchase an iPad-only subscription directly through the Apple store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/high-country-news-hd/id426195397


Q. What devices will the HCN iPad application work on?

The HCN iPad application works on any Apple iPad device that has iOS 7 or later.


Q. What is iPad Newsstand?

Newsstand is a feature of the iPad operating system that organizes all of your magazine and news app subscriptions in one place. For any compatible device with iOS 7 or later, the HCN iPad app will appear in the Newsstand folder.


Q. How do I check the version of iOS on my device and the version of my HCN app?

The HCN app requires at least iOS 7.0. For the app to take advantage of the features included in Newsstand, you must have iOS 7.0 or later.

To check the version of iOS on your iPad:

Open Settings on the device, tap General, then About. On the About page, scroll to Version. It must be iOS 7.0 or later to take advantage of the features included in Newsstand.


Q. How often does my HCN app update when it is in the Newsstand folder?

One feature of Newsstand is automatic updates for your magazine and news applications. The content in the HCN app will be updated whenever a new issue has been published.


Q. Why don't I have Newsstand?

Newsstand is a feature of iOS 5.0 or later.


Q. How do I browse between articles and sections?

There are several ways to navigate in the app:

From a section front:

You can swipe left and right to see all of the articles in the current section. To navigate to another section, tap the  buttons on the bottom toolbar of the app. To read an article, tap the headline or anywhere on the introductory text for that article.

From an article:

You can swipe left and right to see all of the pages in the article.


Q. How do I e‑mail or share an article from the HCN iPad application?

You can share articles with friends via Twitter, Facebook, or e‑mail. To do so, open the full article view. Tap the share icon in the top right corner to choose a sharing tool. When you select Facebook, you'll be prompted to log in with your existing Facebook username and password. You can also log in to Facebook through the Sharing section of the HCN app settings. For Twitter, you must be logged in to your Twitter account through the device settings; you can find more info about Twitter integration on the Apple Web site. Tapping the E‑Mail button will open a new outgoing message in the iPad mail application. In all three cases, a summary and link to the article will be filled in automatically as the body of your message. You can edit this text, or just send it as is.


Q. How do I change the font size?

While reading an article, you can tap the A icon at the top of the screen to increase or decrease the font size.


Q. Can I use the HCN iPad application when traveling?

Yes, but note that in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, the HCN iPad application requires a cellular network connection to download and update content. Normal network data rates apply, and you may incur roaming charges while traveling. Check with your local carrier.


Q: How do I give you feedback/ideas?

We appreciate your suggestions about how to improve the app. Your complaints are also welcome because we are serious about providing the best app experience possible. Contact us for help and feedback at hcn.org/feedback or call 800-905-1155, M-F, 9-4 MST.