Images for the A Just West blog.
Stop the Tar Sands photo
San Francisco Peaks
Wilbur Slockish, chief of the Klickitat Tribe of the Yakama Nation.
Large transmission lines near windmills
Copper Mine site Superior Arizona
Portland Bike Lane
child swinging
Map of Earned Income Tax Credit
St. Vrain state park
Route 49 sign
Storefront in Downieville
oil palm plantation
Reid Gardner plant and housing
Coal ash ponds
Zuni leaders
Intel in Oregon
Intel in New Mexico
Yurok Coastal Trail
uranium tailings
Route 12 along the Lochsa River in Idaho.
Chinese garden Portland
Los Angeles Koreatown
Bristlecone pine
COP Patricia Espinoza
Exxon Mobile refinery in Houston
pawn shop
navajo power plant
energy efficient windows
Caleen and Catarina
McCloud Bridge
Portland harbor map
Gasoline prices
Photo clipped from the America's Great Outdoors Report executive Summary
Black Mesa Mine
Nuclear tower
Eagle Dance
Marine Sisk-Franco
Monkey Wrench Gang
DU clinic students
Freedom Riders
Blue Ridge Reservoir
Hualapai Trail
Navajo Power Plant
Hilton Kelley
Corrinne Gould
Nuclear cooling tower
Fracking diagram
Horse manure
kid's necklace
Image from new film