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Red Rock Resolution? July 22, 2013

Red Rock Resolution?

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One of the West's most conservative, pro-industry lawmakers could put an end to Utah's wilderness stalemate. Plus, the Yarnell Hill wildfire, Obama's natural gas pitch, the EPA looks at Alaska's proposed Pebble Mine, and more.

Water Rights June 24, 2013

Water Rights

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Latino communities in California's Central Valley struggle with water pollution, plus the West's rising importance as a helium producer, Hal Herring's take on oil and gas exploitation along Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, and more.

Paradise at a Price June 10, 2013

Paradise at a Price

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Can environmentalists and affordable housing activists in Jackson, Wyoming settle their differences? Plus, using nautical records from centuries past to model climate modeling technology, the economic gains of wildfire, Latino radio incorporates public service, and more.

Haywired May 27, 2013


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Can the enormous, intricate and fragile electric grid play nice with increased renewable energy production? Plus, Alaska's bald eagles, selling a Utah ghost town, hummingbird-inspired drones, and more.

Right-wing Migration May 13, 2013

Right-wing Migration

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Conservative newcomers to Northern Idaho fight against the region's Democrats, and themselves. Plus, the Southwest's drought continues, midget faded rattlesnakes get a closer look from researchers, HCN follows a Montana wolf hunt, and more.

A New Forest Paradigm April 29, 2013

A New Forest Paradigm

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Reassessing the 20-year-old Northwest Forest Plan, wolf trapping in Idaho, Idaho ranchers find common ground with the BLM while fighting range fires, and more.

Sacrificial Land April 15, 2013

Sacrificial Land

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Desert dwellers wonder if renewable energy farms will dominate the Mojave Desert, how the federally-induced sequester will impact the West, California's new carbon cap and trade market goes into effect, and more.