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Wild Ride March 16, 2015

Wild Ride

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Lessons from the fossil fuel boom and bust in New Mexico, rock snot stream ecology, water delivery in rural Navajo communities and more.

Unite and Conquer March 02, 2015

Unite and Conquer

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Profile of the former Las Vegas water czar Pat Mulroy, solutions to rampant dust in Owen’s River Valley, community solar comes of age in the West, and more.

Chainsaw Diplomacy February 16, 2015

Chainsaw Diplomacy

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A long-standing dispute in Utah’s Escalante watershed comes to a head, wastewater spills in North Dakota oilfields, a statistician looks at the future of the shale oil boom, and more.

This Land is Their Land February 02, 2015

This Land is Their Land

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Public land access problems frustrate hikers and hunters; why greens are mad at the California governor; how balanced rocks can help us predict earthquake risk; explorations in an urban wilderness.

What Are We Thinking? January 12, 2015

What Are We Thinking?

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A High Country News special issue on the future of environmental ideas.

The Dust Detectives December 22, 2014

The Dust Detectives

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New research from dust experts, non-native goats in the La Sal Mountains, new drone laws, Navajo Nation presidential election and more.

The Great Salmon Compromise December 08, 2014

The Great Salmon Compromise

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A massive compromise to save Columbia Basin salmon, Gunnison sage grouse gets protection, pet tortoises still threaten wild ones, and a fresh look at wolves’ impacts on Yellowstone.