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Lost in the Woods September 01, 2014

Lost in the Woods

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The Forest Service struggles with its biggest restoration project yet, fireflies are rediscovered in Utah, California drought and more.

Alaska's Uncertain Food Future August 18, 2014

Alaska's Uncertain Food Future

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Climate change threatens food security in parts of Alaska, Colorado’s fracking fight, prickly pears are farmed in California, a coal mine expansion is halted in a surprising climate court case, and more.

Idaho's Sewer System August 04, 2014

Idaho's Sewer System

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The Snake River is used as a sewer system for Big Ag in Idaho, temperature predictions for Western cities in 2100, women in the legislature and potential protection for wolverines in an era of climate change.

On the Wild Edge July 21, 2014

On the Wild Edge

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Reflections on wilderness at 50, Craig Childs riding with motorheads in Utah, and what a historic moment for the Clean Air Act means for climate.

River of No Return June 23, 2014

River of No Return

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A close look at Seattle’s embattled Duwamish Waterway and the superfund cleanup that has the chance to bring it back to life, tribes get in the payday lending game, divers explore underwater national park treasures, and more.

Border Out of Control June 09, 2014

Border Out of Control

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National security runs roughshod over the Arizona desert, a radioactive leak in New Mexico makes the future of nuclear waste disposal even more elusive, wolverines, brine shrimp, and more.

The Great Gun Rights Divide May 26, 2014

The Great Gun Rights Divide

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A liberal gun owner finds 'gun nuts' on both sides of the debate, an excerpt from Julene Bair's book 'The Ogallala Road,' state and federal agencies feud over predator control in Alaska, California's water crisis, and more.