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Beauty or Beast December 23, 2013

Beauty or Beast

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Eucalyptus trees continue to push out California natives and stir controversy over where exotic species belong. Plus, Utahans respond to EPA vehicle emissions restrictions, a New Mexican’s love of figs, and more.

The Tree Coroners December 09, 2013

The Tree Coroners

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To save the West’s forests, scientists must first learn how trees die.

Ecosystems 101 November 25, 2013

Ecosystems 101

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Research reveals the complexity of the Bristol Bay ecosystem and of Alaska’s mighty salmon runs. Plus, Montana tribes will be the first to own a hydroelectric dam, an Oklahoma senator offers a financial fix for our national treasures, and more.

Cosmic Prospecting November 11, 2013

Cosmic Prospecting

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An old South Dakota mining town transforms itself by investing in an underground neutrino research facility, upstart kayakers try to get rivers opened to boaters in Yellowstone, mountain goats get paintballed in Idaho, and Southwesterners continue to be utterly fascinated with the possibilities of outer space.

Lifeblood of the Delta October 28, 2013

Lifeblood of the Delta

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Taking an in-depth look at whether the Colorado River could flow to the sea again, despite one of the worst droughts of the millennium. Plus how dozens of Alaskan schools are closing in small villages, how a fire could help Gila trout make a comeback, zombie survival strategies and more.

The New Geronimo? October 14, 2013

The New Geronimo?

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An Apache from Oklahoma fights his kin to build a casino and bring his people home to New Mexico. Plus how we can learn to live with flooding, New Mexico’s attempt to roll back groundwater protections, the mysterious reappearance of a special bumblebee species, and more.

Intimate Geographies September 16, 2013

Intimate Geographies

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With some of the West's most insightful authors as our guides, each fall we briefly set aside the news to create a special books/essays issue and take a more reflective look at our region. This year's books/essays issue explores ways of looking at a landscape and locating ourselves within it.