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The Forever War January 25, 2016

The Forever War

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Why Wildlife Services continues to kill predators, despite decades of research on nonlethal methods. Plus, how the public could pay for coal cleanup and a look at Malheur's quieter moments.

Secrets of the Deep December 21, 2015

Secrets of the Deep

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The researchers digging up mysteries of the ocean in Nevada's desert, plus death by cop and gun control in the West. Cover illustration: Shonisaurus popularis and Californosaurus perrini, depicted by Boise illustrator Todd Marshall.

Good Neighbors December 07, 2015

Good Neighbors

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Why researchers are studying a group of Southwestern ranchers to learn about sharing, plus a look at the long road to protected habitat for the murrelet and the West's disappearing fire lookouts.

Water Hustle November 23, 2015

Water Hustle

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Meet the men on trial for profiting off the Southwest's drought in the latest issue of High Country News. Plus, the architects redesigning L.A. and the attorneys general taking things into their own hands.

The Campaign Against Coal November 09, 2015

The Campaign Against Coal

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D.C. correspondent Elizabeth Shogren travels through coal country to find where ‘keep it in the ground’ meets ‘keep the lights on.’ Plus a look at El Niño in the West, oil and gas compromises in Moab and more.

Clean Energy's Dirty Secret October 26, 2015

Clean Energy's Dirty Secret

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How industrial solar and wind are endangering wildlife, plus saving Washington’s wolves and a Colorado ranch that’s also an abbey.

The Rise of Lisa Murkowski October 12, 2015

The Rise of Lisa Murkowski

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Lisa Murkowski, the senator from Alaska, alternates between diplomat and bulldog in her rise to the top, plus the Pope on climate change, immigrants after the Front Range floods, and more.