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Uncommon Westerners

  • Montana loses an environmental leader

    Montana State Rep. Ben Cohen, environmentalist, garbageman, actor and outdoorsman, is mourned in Whitefish, Mont.

  • Hazel Wolf: She made it

    Activist and inspiration Hazel Wolf dies at 101.

  • All you can eat at Pueblito del Paiz

    In the western Colorado town of Olathe, Ted Medina's Pueblito del Paiz serves as boarding house, dining hall and occasionally tense meeting ground for the Mexican and Indian workers who labor in the area's farm fields.

  • A man to match our mountains

    Legendary mountaineer and outdoor educator Paul Petzoldt, who founded the National Outdoor Leadership Training School (NOLS) and the Wilderness Education Association, has died at the age of 91.

  • Montana tribes bid their leader farewell

    Michael T. "Mickey" Pablo, the recently deceased leader of Montana's seven Indian nations, is remembered as a fearless warrior in defense of his people, their land and treaty rights.

  • Uphill for these Idahoans

    HCN readers Gene Bray and Irene Wright of Meridian, Idaho, are profiled.

  • Wise words from a veteran activist

    A reader profile of 100-year-old Hazel Wolf, a lifelong activist and the star of the Great Old Broads for Wilderness conference.

  • Dick Randall, a fighter for the West

    HCN honors the memory of Wyoming's Dick Randall, who went from killing coyotes for Animal Damage Control to being the strongest critic of that agency.

  • An 84-year-old postal veteran

    As in Red Lodge, Mont., residents of Livingston also fight to keep their post office downtown, calling it the "lynchpin" of the area.

  • Keeping the heart in the center of town

    Residents of Red Lodge, Mont., fight to keep their post office downtown.

  • She works to save the past

    Longtime HCN reader Ann Phillips is an educational consultant turned archaeologist.

  • 'Seldom Seen Smith' mourns a lost canyon and dead foes

    Ken Sleight, an old guard environmentalist and the man behind Edward Abbey's Monkey Wrench Gang character, is profiled by Vaughn Roche.

  • Can Dan Beard reclaim Reclamation?

    A profile of Dan Beard, head of Bureau of Reclamation, shows his role within the Department of the Interior.

  • A tribute to the man who imagined the West we now seek to build

    A writer reflects on the life and death of Wallace Stegner.

  • To save a Utah canyon, a BLM ranger quits and turns activist

    Former BLM ranger Skip Edwards fights to preserve Utah's Westwater Canyon as wilderness at the same time that miner Ron Pene seeks to develop his family's mining claims in the canyon.

  • Inside the glitter

    An exhibit of photographs and interviews by Kit Miller takes an indepth look at the people who work in Nevada's casinos.

  • A progressive bureaucrat signs off

    Ed Marston interviews HCN reader Daniel Beard, who resigns as Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Sept. 1.

  • A 77-year-old cow watcher from Arizona

    HCN reader Pauline Sandholdt of Salome, Arizona, is featured in a profile.

  • Jim Thrash: A solid man

    A eulogy for conservationist Jim Thrash, who died in the Canyon Creek fire.

  • Tireless and tenacious storytelling

    Lori Edmo-Suppah works tirelessly to keep the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes informed through the newspaper she edits, the Sho-Ban News

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