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Multimedia Stories

A listing of High Country News online video, photographic and audio content.

  • Wyoming wind woes

    Wyoming wind woes

    A collage of images from Wyoming's wind country, where turbines are sprouting madly, and forces within the state are blowing back.

  • Colorado River Blues

    Colorado River Blues

    A slideshow of images of the Colorado River and the eclectic group of people who depend on it.

  • Deconstructing dueling claims

    Deconstructing dueling claims

    Writer Laura Paskus talks about the battle over New Mexico's Mount Taylor.

  • The mesquite wrangler

    The mesquite wrangler

    Arizona farmer gives a neglected desert crop new life

  • Audio: The joy of CX

    Assistant editor Sarah Gilman explains why we should care about categorical exclusions.

  • "I like America"

    "I like America"

    A neighborhood center in Everett, Wash., alternately serves Russians, Arabic Muslims, Somali Bantus and other immigrants and refugees.

  • Audio: Big threats to small ecosystems

    Freelance science writer Madeleine Nash talks to Marty Durlin about the vulnerable springs of the Great Basin, and the threats they face from invasive species and the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

  • Video: Wyoming wolves

    Video: Wyoming wolves

    An introduction into the contentious wolf situation in the Northern Rockies.

  • Parks Climate Challenge: North Cascades 2009

    Parks Climate Challenge: North Cascades 2009

    Nineteen high school students traveled to Washington's North Cascades this summer to witness and learn about climate change.

  • A conversation with Michelle Nijhuis

    A conversation with Michelle Nijhuis

    Photos and an interview with the author of "Township 13 South, Range 92 West, Section 35"

  • Audio: Where the buffalo roam

    Freelance writer Josh Zaffos talks about his trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation and what he learned about how tribal members are reclaiming their property and their traditions.

  • Meet the makers

    Meet the makers

    A behind-the-scenes look at winemaking in Colorado's North Fork Valley.

  • Having your cake and eating it, too

    Gary Paul Nabhan chats with HCN Assistant Editor Marty Durlin about working landscapes in National Parks

  • Off the deep end?

    Listen to Aaron Million talk about his Wyoming to Colorado pipeline dreams.

  • The Hungry Intern: Dinner

    The Hungry Intern: Dinner

    The starving journalist is no longer starving, and he filled up on all local foods.

  • The Hungry Intern: Lunch

    The Hungry Intern: Lunch

    Jeff's zany local food adventure continues with his second meal of the day.

  • The Hungry Intern: Breakfast

    The Hungry Intern: Breakfast

    Jeff Chen takes you on a zany adventure as he tries to eat locally, on a starving journalist's budget. Episode 1.

  • Learning to live with fewer watts

    Fred Logg's small solar system powers some lights, his laptop and a small refrigerator -- but the energy source has its limitations.

  • HCN Road Trip 2

    HCN Road Trip 2

    Road v. Wildlife: HCN Editor Jonathan Thompson wades into the controversy.

  • HCN Road Trip

    HCN Road Trip

    HIgh Country News road trip goes through energy country, from the coal mines near Paonia, to the flaring gas rigs of Wyoming.

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