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  • Bringing back grizzlies splits environmentalists

    What seems on the surface to be a successful consensus effort to restore grizzlies to central Idaho and western Montana has provoked a bitter split among Northern Rockies environmentalists many of whom believe the plan will harm bears rather than help.

  • A Colorado county tries a novel approach: work the system

    County commissioners, forest rangers and other Montezuma County residents begin to come together to find a way to manage their public lands.

  • Idaho learns to share two rivers

    The Henry's Fork Watershed Council's struggle created a plan to share and save Idaho's Henry's Fork and Falls rivers.

  • Howdy, neighbor!: As a last resort, Westerners start talking to each other

    Consensus-building groups seek to find common ground in the land.

  • A park boss goes to bat for the land

    Yellowstone National Park Supervisor Michael V. Finley stirs controversy and conflict as he fights to save America's oldest national park.

  • Raising a ranch from the dead

    Rancher Sid Goodloe battles pinon-juniper and uses a variety of controversial methods to restore his ranchland in New Mexico.

  • Gambling: A tribe hits the jackpot

    Gambling at Arizona's Fort McDowell has taken the Yavapai Indians from poverty to wealth in just three years.

  • Monoculture meets its match in North Dakota

    John Gardner represents a new breed of agricultural "specialized generalists" who want to help Dakota farmers reclaim the food system.

  • Montana's outback goes on-line

    Montana State University turns to "electronic extension" to meet the information needs of the state's widely scattered population.

  • My God! Healthy trees!

    Extension foresters in Idaho help the sisters of St. Gertrude's Monastery manage their forests in a way that balances economics with ecology and spirituality.

  • Helping a busted mining town back to its feet

    Extension agent Barb Andreozzi offers creative ideas and practical assistance to help Anaconda, Mont., prosper again.

  • Talking ranching through its bleakest hour

    Hudson Glimp of the University of Nevada's College of Agriculture seeks to create "sustainable agreement" in public-lands grazing.

  • Playing politics or helping the range?

    New Mexico State's Range Improvement Task Force has often been accused of being a front for the livestock industry.

  • What does the West need to know?

    In a changing West, the land-grant universities' cooperative extension programs must rethink their mission.

  • Who owns these bones?

    The Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show in Tucson highlights the growing controversy over who has the right to valuable fossils found on public lands.

  • Eagle County balks at fourth mega-resort

    Eagle, Colo., residents wage a 13-year war against developer Fred Kummer's plans to build a mega-ski resort called Adam's Rib.

  • Lack of enchantment: Santa Fe's boom goes flat

    Santa Fe's hotel and tourism industry blames populist Mayor Debbie Jaramillo for the slowing of the city's upscale boom.

  • At Hanford, the real estate is hot

    Conservationists, politicians, Indians and farmers fight over the polluted but beautiful land of Washington's Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

  • Congress weighs the fate of Utah's wild lands

    The battle over wilderness preservation in Utah is fought on many fronts before it comes to a vote in Congress.

  • Utah hearings misfire

    Utah's wilderness hearings stir controversy and draw vigorous support for more wilderness designation.

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