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  • Why Juan Valdez doesn't haul coffee beans on a llama

    A pack-burro outfitter humorously lambastes the trendy llama.

  • What is a Navajo taco?

    Curiosity leads a writer to research the origins of Taco Time's "Navajo Taco."

  • Sowing the red suns of August

    Even when the tomatoes freeze and the deer trespass, gardening serves its own high purpose.

  • While the vultures circle

    The writer describes a summer as a "human mule" surveying the Arizona desert, where only the vultures move in the heat.

  • Searching for grass in a magic valley

    A hot summer spent inspecting the dry range in an Idaho valley brings a close encounter with a coyote.

  • Of muskrats and mortality

    A writer watches muskrats in Utah's Logan Canyon as she tries to come to terms with her father's approaching death.

  • A new breed of artists depicts Montana - cyanide leach fields and all

    Contemporary Montana artists create protest art as they try to depict the real Montana.

  • Disappearing railroad blues

    The merger of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads creates a monopoly that may leave some of Colorado and Utah's working towns without rail transport for their coal.

  • Drought cuts to the bone on Southwest range

    The Southwest's severe drought takes a toll on the ranchers of New Mexico's Gila National Forest.

  • Deciding what kind of river we want

    Canyon hydrologist Jack Schmidt says that the decision of how to manage the Colorado River requires a decision on what kind of river people want it to be.

  • Glen Canyon: Using a dam to heal a river

    The first-ever manmade flood of the Colorado River through Arizona's Glen Canyon Dam is intended to help repair the river in Grand Canyon - and perhaps to signal the end of the "technocratic utopia" dream.

  • The Country Doctor

    Reserve, N.M., Dr. Mark Unverzagt, in his own words, on the often overlooked middle ground in Catron County.

  • The Psychologist

    Psychologist Melinda Garcia, in her own words, on working with people in Catron County's "war zone."

  • The Forest Ranger

    Forest Service District Ranger Mike Gardner, in his own words, on dealing with the tensions in Catron County.

  • The Businessperson

    An anonymous Catron County businessperson, in his words, on the tensions between factions in the county.

  • The County Attorney

    Catron County Attorney Jim Catron, in his own words, on the "rural Western resistance to the federal empire."

  • Catron County's politics heat up as its land goes bankrupt

    Catron County, N.M., the home of the county independence movement, is a study of contrasts - its people heavily dependent on the federal government and its land and rivers dying.

  • Tough love proves too tough

    Controversial "wilderness therapy programs" such as Utah's North Star, intended for troubled kids, come under critical scrutiny - and lawsuits - after several teenagers die while in their care.

  • Getting outside all around the West

    A state-by-state directory describes some of the many outdoor education programs in the West.

  • Spreading the gospel: Outdoor education teaches people to know and care about the West

    The number and variety of outdoor education programs has increased dramatically in the last 25 years.

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