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  • El Nuevo West

    Spanish-speaking, often underestimated immigrant workers keep the West's ski resorts running in the face of INS raids, discrimination and other trials.

  • Motorheads: The new, noisy, organized force in the West

    Well-organized and well-heeled, off-road vehicle users constitute a large and powerful group aiming to stake its claim to the West's public lands.

  • The Republicans now own the West

    A state-by-state review of the national elections reveals a West given over to Republicans.

  • Pollution in paradise

    Idaho's beautiful Silver Valley and Lake Coeur d'Alene build a new resort economy on a toxic stew of mining waste.

  • Cease-fire called on the Animas-La Plata front

    Colorado's Animas-La Plata project - the last of the big BuRec projects, and the most mired in controvery - is tackled by opponents and proponents who seek consensus.

  • Colorado voters decide fate of 3 million acres

    Colorado's Amendment 16 would allow state school trust lands to be managed for values other than money - and some fear that would mean harm to Colorado school budgets.

  • Will Idaho voters derail nuclear trains?

    Idaho's Proposition 3 would void Gov. Phil Batt's deal to bring some nuclear waste into the state and would require that all such agreements in the future have citizen approval.

  • An 'unfair, inflexible' bid to clean Montana's water

    Montana's Clean Water Initiative arouses fierce industry protest with its plan to keep long-lived hardrock mining wastes out of the water.

  • Polluted waters divide Oregon

    The Oregon Clean Streams Initiative, if passed, would enact the toughest grazing restrictions in the West in an attempt to keep cattle from fouling the waters.

  • Has big money doomed direct democracy?

    The use of initiatives and referenda - direct democracy - to change the law for environmental reasons faces a challenge when big money enters the picture.

  • Nevada: Who hates nuclear waste most?

    In Nevada, a tight race for Congress has Republican John Ensign and Democrat Bob Coffin arguing over which of them hates the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository the most.

  • Arizona: Harvesting a bumper crop of bombast

    In Arizona, a state with a history of eccentric and sometimes impeached politicians, Democrat Steve Owens challenges colorful Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth.

  • Washington: Greens storm the suburbs

    In Washington, environmentalists defeated in the 1992 election scramble to mobilize the suburbs and win back the state's voters.

  • Montana: For veteran Baucus, it seems to be in the bag

    In Montana, Democratic incumbent Max Baucus forges ahead of Republican challenger Dennis Rehberg in the race for the Senate.

  • California: A 28-year-old talks the talk to green voters

    In California, Michela Alioto, granddaughter of former San Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto, offers a green-sounding alternative to Republican incumbent Frank Riggs.

  • Montana: A scrappy Republican tries to cut down a green Democrat

    In Montana's race for the House, mud-slinging Republican Rick Hill tackles a charismatic, Democratic Crow Indian, Bill Yellowtail, whose checkered past includes wife-battering.

  • Utah: A liberal wilderness lover may prevail

    Liberal Democrat Ross Anderson may prevail against millionaire Republican and frequent political candidate Merrill Cook in Utah.

  • Colorado: Environment wielded like a hammer in tight Senate race

    Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican Wayne Allard trade environmental jabs and punches in a tight Senate race in Colorado.

  • Greens prune their message to win the West's voters

    Environmentalists join with political consultants to try to find a way to woo fickle Western voters.

  • A Bold Stroke: Clinton takes a 1.7 million-acre stand in Utah

    President Bill Clinton uses the Antiquities Act of 1906 to designate a new 1.7 million-acre national monument in southern Utah, and reactions range from joy to indignation and outrage.

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