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  • Coyote vigils

    A Catholic environmentalist considers coyotes and the Creator during a retreat at a Trappist Monastery in the mountains.

  • Choose not to go boldly outdoors

    The writer suggests that Westerners start a sabbatical for the land - letting it rest entirely sometimes from hiking and other recreation.

  • Lessons from a rampaging river

    The flood and fire that hit Grand Forks, N.D., when the Red River rose, raise a hard question: Why must communities face catastrophe before people come together as a "we"?

  • Yellowstone's "geyser guy' was one of the park's best friends

    An elegy for Yellowstone's "geyser guy," Rick Hutchinson, profiles a geologist who loved the park so deeply that his friends still feel his spirit there.

  • Yellowstone's "geyser guy' was one of the park's best friends

    An elegy for Yellowstone's "geyser guy," Rick Hutchinson, profiles a geologist who loved the park so deeply that his friends still feel his spirit there.

  • Venison is not an option

    A Boulder, Colo., resident humorously describes his attempts to co-exist with the deer that invade his garden.

  • What happens when two tree-huggers meet a tentful of hunters

    A close encounter between a tribal biologist, a self-described "tree-hugger" and a tentful of hard-drinking hunters leads to surprising communication as each side overcomes its stereotypes.

  • When it's 25 below and dropping

    Life at 25 below in towns like Livingston, Mont., is made bearable by things like poker, polar fleece and Portabello mushrooms.

  • Denying the warts on the West's service economy

    Reviewing Thomas Michael Power's "Lost Landscapes and Failed Economies," HCN's publisher disputes the author's conclusion that the West's new service economy will create the best of all possible worlds.

  • The shotgun wedding of tourism and public lands

    The first Western Summit on Tourism and Public Lands shows the Clinton administration seeking a political and economic alliance with the West's growing tourist industry.

  • Trying to think the good thoughts about ATVs

    An elk hunter dislikes ORVs despite their convenience because they make the country too small.

  • If politics is a baseball game, I don't even own a bat

    Post election musings by a Western Democrat consider why Republicans won so easily and what new strategies environmentalists need to learn.

  • The Last Ranch: The truth is stranger than the book

    After a year studying holistic resource management and a ranching family in Colorado's San Luis Valley, and another three years writing a book, the author goes back - to find that everything has changed.

  • Shake-up: Greens inside the Beltway

    The environmental movement goes through changes, but love of place endures even in Washington, D.C.

  • Stripmining history and culture for dollars

    Native Americans and others are upset by a New York brewery's determination to market "Original Crazy Horse Malt Liquor."

  • A mystery the size of your fist

    An explosion of blooming beargrass in the Northern Rockies leads to musing on the ways that wisdom differs from information.

  • Should city slickers dictate to trappers?

    A columnist says that ballot initiatives designed the way they are in Colorado allow urban areas to dictate to rural areas on sensitive issues like hunting.

  • Montana Native: Who Cares?

    A transplant to Montana is piqued by the fuss made over who is a newcomer and who is a native in the West.

  • Custom and culture's worst enemy speaks

    Economist Thomas Michael Power says wise-use supporters are worshiping at the rear-view mirror and need to accept the fact that the West is changing.

  • A harsh and priceless gift to the world

    The author says the Escalante belongs as much to the rest of the world as to Utah, and provides a kind of energy that has nothing to do with coal.

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