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  • An American dream gets evicted

    When 39 families are evicted from their Edwards, Colo., trailer park to make way for a luxury condo development, it's a sign that property is more important than community.

  • Mexican subculture grows beneath Colorado's mountains

    The many Latino immigrants who work in Aspen, Colo., try to keep their own culture alive behind the scenes of the high-end resort town.

  • It rhymes with scourge

    A Boulder gardener recommends planting native plants because the non-native plants - especially the dreaded donkeytail spurge - can take care of planting themselves.

  • In the Sonoran Desert, a lesson already learned

    As the aquifer that lies under Scottsdale is steadily emptied to provide water for booming development, Arizonans ought to consider the fate of the pre-Columbian desert Indians, who once also thrived in the area - until their water ran out.

  • The battle for Crozier Canyon

    Arizona's Crozier Canyon and Route 66 deserve protection from those who want to mine their red boulders to sell to landscapers.

  • It only seems cruel to fool a fish

    An angler argues with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals over whether or not fishing is cruel.

  • Born caged: A new "wild' West

    The trend toward private ownership of wildlife - especially game ranching of elk - has dire consequences for both wild animals and the soul of the nation that once protected their wild status.

  • The birth, life, and coming death of a Wyoming dam

    Someday the Shoshone Dam at the end of the North Fork of Wyoming's Shoshone River will be only a memory, transformed by its silted-up reservoir into a gigantic waterfall.

  • Wyoming: The last tough place

    A Wyoming man celebrates the difficulty of living in his wild, lonely, poor, unsophisticated state - the "last good place left."

  • Be careful what you wish for the wolves

    The complicated legal saga of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone offers a cautionary tale for activists and their lawyers.

  • Idaho stubbornly remains what America used to be

    The strange dysfunctional state of Idaho - with its neo-Nazis and child abuse and stubborn isolation from the rest of America - leads the writer to leave the state after 15 years.

  • Dressed for success

    Disparate worlds collide in the second-hand clothing stores the writer buys her wardrobe from.

  • Show me the science

    Club 20's report on "The Decline of the Aspen" fails to convince that the only way to save western Colorado's aspen groves is to log them.

  • Into the canyon: Fear and heat on foot

    A long, hot hike into - and back out of - the Grand Canyon takes the writer into the heart of a park that is beautiful, much visited, and still very dangerous.

  • The bison are coming

    Ten years later, Frank and Deborah Popper review their controversial proposal for a Buffalo Commons, and find that many of their predictions are coming true.

  • A river comes apart

    Clearcut hillsides, floods and mudslides on Idaho's Clearwater River raise a warning that the land is dying.

  • Iconoclast to the end: A New West son regards his father

    A conservationist muses on how his father, an Iranian-born obstetrician in the Appalachian Mountains, gave him the gift of the Clearwater River in the wilderness of Idaho.

  • We have no elders, we have no leaders

    A wildlands- and buffalo-loving activist writes passionately about restoring the Great Plains in a Buffalo Commons.

  • Is our love of the West destroying Chile?

    A long-time mining executive argues that many environmentalists are hypocrites who want a 20th-century lifestyle without paying for it, and he points out that the impacts of mining simply get exported to Third World nations.

  • The West from a snowmobile: a 50 million-acre theme park

    We are fools to throw away, for a snowmobile's adrenaline rush, the chance to really get close to nature, the writer believes.

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