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  • The bison are coming

    Ten years later, Frank and Deborah Popper review their controversial proposal for a Buffalo Commons, and find that many of their predictions are coming true.

  • A river comes apart

    Clearcut hillsides, floods and mudslides on Idaho's Clearwater River raise a warning that the land is dying.

  • Iconoclast to the end: A New West son regards his father

    A conservationist muses on how his father, an Iranian-born obstetrician in the Appalachian Mountains, gave him the gift of the Clearwater River in the wilderness of Idaho.

  • We have no elders, we have no leaders

    A wildlands- and buffalo-loving activist writes passionately about restoring the Great Plains in a Buffalo Commons.

  • Is our love of the West destroying Chile?

    A long-time mining executive argues that many environmentalists are hypocrites who want a 20th-century lifestyle without paying for it, and he points out that the impacts of mining simply get exported to Third World nations.

  • The West from a snowmobile: a 50 million-acre theme park

    We are fools to throw away, for a snowmobile's adrenaline rush, the chance to really get close to nature, the writer believes.

  • How the far right spreads its "wacky' ideas

    A human rights activist considers the ways in which the "New Righters of the Purple Sage" arrive at and promote their ideas.

  • A court deems a lake worthy of water

    A law professor describes the legal process by which California's Mono Lake was preserved from the thirsty city of Los Angeles.

  • How an eco-logger views his work

    Montana's Bob Love - an "eco-logger" - runs a one-man selective logging business which demonstrates his love for trees.

  • Saying goodbye to the bear

    There are not enough grizzlies left, because there is not enough land given them to roam in these days.

  • Luftwaffe, go home

    The prospect of expanded low-level military training flights by the German Air Force in the American Southwest will "highly annoy" the local humans, and do more than just annoy the wildlife.

  • Grizzlies and the male animal

    The anti-grizzly hysteria shown by local men at a Salmon, Idaho, meeting on bear reintroduction is filled with ironies for a woman who has always had to be wary of large "predators."

  • The Mountain West: A Republican Fabrication

    The Republican Party controls the West because historically it has created and exploited the mythology of the Interior West to the party's advantage.

  • Greens, as usual, are easy to bait

    Recreational user fees would do harm by introducing the profit motive to natural resource management.

  • It's time for the public to pay up

    User fees for Western recreationists on public lands are overdue and will create an incentive to protect these lands from exploitation.

  • Keep America green: Hire an illegal alien

    A Forest Service employee remembers the hard work of illegal aliens in planting trees in the Klamath National Forest.

  • Will Wyoming warm to wolves?

    A Montana conservationist travels to Wyoming to talk about wolves to often-hostile Wyomingites.

  • The buffalo underground: Now it can be told

    A bison which found refuge in Vickie Dyar's barn in West Yellowstone, Mont., was protected and fed by her last winter, to save it from the notorious slaughter of escaped Yellowstone bison considered at risk for brucellosis.

  • An Idaho daily breaches the Northwest's silence over tearing down dams

    The Idaho Statesman goes out on a limb with editorials suggesting that four dams on the Snake River - Lower Granite, Little Goose, Lower Monumental and Ice Harbor - be torn down to help the recovery of endangered salmon.

  • At war with a bunch of mice: Confessions of an ex-pacifist

    After a neighbor dies of hantavirus, a California pacifist grapples with whether - and how - to destroy the deer mice that carry the disease.

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