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  • Reclaiming high places

    High Altitude Revegetation workshop planned.

  • Forcing the spring

    Forcing the Spring by Robert Gottlieb looks at devleopment of natural and human environmental movements.

  • No change on the range

    Wanderings of an Environmental Journalist In Alaska and the American West. Essays by Philip Fradkin reviewed.

  • Work for (a) change

    Review of Making a Change: A Student Guide to Social Change Internships in the Northern Rockies.

  • Cow stomp and more

    Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to sponsor conference for anti-grazing activists.

  • Canyonlands backcountry plan

    National Park Service wants to restrict camping.

  • Wanted: Wild poets

    Poetry contest sponsored by Utah Wilderness Association.

  • Join the eagles

    Klamath Basin Bald Eagle Conference planned.

  • Idaho's unsettling sediment

    Government study shows Idaho's Lake Coeur d'Alene contaminated by mining sediments.

  • Agriculture in the round

    Agricultural Outlook Forum set for Denver.

  • Slip sliding away

    International Erosion Control Association plans conference.

  • Taking back Santa Fe

    Take Back Santa Fe group wants to rein in runaway development.

  • Meloy's last message — from bighorn country

    In Eating Stone, her last book, Ellen Meloy tells the eloquent, passionate story of the time she spent studying the Blue Door Band of desert bighorn sheep

  • Island Hoping

    In On Oct. 19, 2002, a group of people working to preserve the diversity of the Sky Islands is holding a one-day conference to promote awareness of the region.

  • A life of brutal grace

    The Boy Who Invented Skiing" is the memoir of Swain Wolfe, who spent his boyhood in a Colorado Springs tuberculosis sanatorium in the '30s

  • Destroyer of worlds

    In 109 East Palace, the granddaughter of one of the Manhattan Project's administrators re-examines the story of the atomic bomb built in Los Alamos

  • Endangered Species 101 — in poetry

    The Dire Elegies laments the plight of North America's endangered wildlife in poetic detail

  • Bearable ways to deal with bruins

    Linda Masterson’s new book, Living With Bears, is a good-humored, practical guide to getting along with black bears in the West

  • Loss and renewal in the Northwest

    Steven Radosevich writes simple, painful, personal essays about the changing landscape of the Pacific Northwest in his new book, Good Wood: Growth, Loss and Renewal.

  • For the love of a river

    In the anthology There’s This River, Christa Sadler gathers the stories of rambunctious river rafters on the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River

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