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  • The restless West

    Summer Fishtrap Gathering planned for Oregon.

  • Earth voices

    Voices of the Earth Conference set.

  • Summer camp for grown-ups

    Teton Science School offers natural history courses.

  • Reading the West

    Two-week course will explore Western issues.

  • Millions for furniture

    Federal audit shows $5.4 million intended for reforestation to have been misspent.

  • Renewable energy festival

    First annual Freedom Festival will celebrate energy independence.

  • A new Navajo newspaper

    New monthly newspaper Dineh Tribune becomes fourth major paper for Navajo Nation.

  • The NIMBY factor

    Jane Anne Morris writes a handbook for activists called Not In My Back Yard.

  • Whose public lands?

    Conference on "who governs the public lands" planned.

  • From sacred to suburb

    The East End Neighborhood Association seeks to buy land sacred to tribes in order to protect it from development.

  • Incoming

    U.S. Army proposes new plan to drop 1-ton missiles in Utah's San Juan County.

  • No new roads

    Interior Department proposes new rules for highway-building on public lands.

  • New river watchers

    The new group Rio Grande Restoration publishes quarterly newsletter.

  • A wilderness proposal for Colorado

    Conservation groups propose designation of 48 new wilderness areas in Colorado.

  • Wild watching in Nevada

    Nevada Wildlife Viewing Guide is published.

  • Real summertime

    A review of John Alcock's book, Sonoran Desert Summer.

  • Ferrets to find new homes

    Park Service approves release of black-footed ferret in Badlands National Park.

  • Eating the scenery

    Oregon economics consulting firm issues report, Transitions: New Incentives for Rural Communities.

  • Pesticides linger in Northwest

    Report finds groundwater contamination by pesticides in the Northwest.

  • Colorado water map

    Colorado water education forum provides maps and information.

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