• Put your money where your mouth is

    Hunters and anglers fork out millions each year to support habitat. Isn't it time other green groups did the same?

  • Last rites and forgotten landscapes

    Last rites and forgotten landscapes

    The 12 young women whose bones were found on Albuquerque’s West Mesa led lives as unvalued as the sagebrush landscape that held their murdered bodies.

  • The little island that could

    The little island that could

    The small Danish island of Samso runs entirely on renewable energy. The West could do the same.

  • Abraham Lincoln and the West

    The Civil War included more than just the North and the South. The West was a battleground, too.

  • A 'most improbable scenerio' has come to pass

    HCN's political columnist considers the recent, weird and not-quite-finished election, and suggests that if George Bush turns out to be the winner, he will have to govern from the middle, which could prove good news for the environment.

  • CARA's not quite the girl she used to be

    Despite its tremendous original support, CARA (the Conservation and Resource Act of 1999) has come through Congress much changed and reduced.

  • In presidential politics, the West has a bad hand

    A longtime political observer explains how it is that a huge region like the West has a rather minimal influence on national presidential elections.

  • The latest salmon plan heads toward a train wreck

    The long-awaited federal plan for saving the Northwest's endangered salmon avoids the question of breaching dams and satisfies almost no one.

  • Can 'property rightsniks' stop a popular bill?

    The Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 2000, which would guarantee permanent funding for 15 years for buying land for conservation, has broad support but still faces an interesting dance through a complicated Congress.

  • Yes, we need the rural West

    The rural West is still important and is central to the struggle to restore the landscape and wildlife of the region.

  • Do we really need the rural West?

    A Las Vegas historian argues that the rural West is nothing but an anachronism that means nothing in today's New West.

  • High Country

    In an early "High Country News" editorial, reprinted here, Tom Bell took on then-Governor of Wyoming Stanley K. Hathaway.

  • Marc Racicot: One of the would-be president's men

    Montana Gov. Marc Racicot, R, is a popular politician and a likable man, but environmentalists say his support of shooting wandering Yellowstone bison shows how weak his environmental record is.

  • Protesters raised the right questions

    After the World Trade Organization protests ended in Seattle, Wash., questions remain about global trade, environmental issues and the way the world is changing.

  • In this election, the West is lost

    Western issues and environmental issues in general don't seem to be visible on the political screen in Washington, D.C., even as the presidential race heats up.