• The Red Desert: Wyoming's endangered country

    Wyoming's little-known Red Desert is a unique region rich in wildlife, history - and also in deposits of oil, gas and minerals, which could lead to the destruction of the land under which they're found.

  • Battered borderlands

    As the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Sonoran Desert into Arizona rises, the Border Patrol is faced with the need to protect a fragile environment at the same time that it polices the border.

  • Tom Chapman: A small-town boy who made good

    Modern-day "robber barons" such as Tom Chapman will continue to blackmail taxpayers by threatening to develop wilderness and park inholdings - unless land-management agencies summon the will to fight back.

  • The river comes last

    The Montana Legislature ratifies a water compact with the Crow Indian Tribe that favors consumptive users of the water at the expense of the Bighorn River itself, and of the world-class trout fishery in Bighorn Lake.

  • 'Mr. Dominy, are you a hero or a villain?'

    Former Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Floyd E. Dominy, looks back on his dam-building days without any apologies or regrets.

  • Some hook and bullet magazines hit the mark

    A review looks at what's good and bad about the top five American hook-and-bullet magazines.

  • Oregon's ranchers vote for survival

    A contrast between two attempts at consensus shows Oregon ranchers willing to work at compromise while their New Mexican counterparts "just say no" to any change.

  • HCN's tough underbelly

    Former HCN interns share memories and offer updates on their lives since the paper.

  • The university aimed for the stars and hit Mount Graham

    The saga of Mount Graham demonstrates that the University of Arizona's shortcuts, questionable tactics and attempts to get around the law are ultimately responsible for creating an impossible situation.

  • Montana's Rocky Mountain Front: Sell It or Save It?

    The writer makes an impassioned plea to save Montana's Rocky Mountain Front from oil and gas leasing.

  • A war of ideologies, with endangered species as weapons

    A writer thoughtfully considers the philosophical and religious ramifications of the struggle to save endangered species.

  • Why one advocacy group steers clear of consensus efforts

    Why Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance doesn't participate in advisory groups.

  • The Forest Service sells out

    In Colorado, Tom Chapman trades West Elk Wilderness inholding for land near Telluride, bilking the Forest Service of millions of dollars.

  • An open letter to Andy Kerr in rural Oregon

    Oregon writer muses on how Andy Kerr will fit into his new community.