Dear Friends

  • A skipped issue and a trickle of visitors

    A skipped issue and a trickle of visitors

    Plus, a plug for our classroom subscription program and a gun-related correction.

  • A slew of summer visitors

    A slew of summer visitors

    Plus, filling in a missing word from our last issue.

  • Accolades and visitors

    Accolades and visitors

    Reporter Doug Fox wins a big award for his HCN story, ‘Dust Detectives.’

  • New interns and old errors

    New interns and old errors

    Get to know Paige Blankenbuehler and Gloria Dickie. Also, a correction and a clarification.

  • Spring board meeting, and swearing

    Spring board meeting, and swearing

    A recap of the recent board meeting in Paonia, an update on our profanity policy and a correction.

  • See you in July

    See you in July

    A skipped issue, a former editor publishes a book and visitors galore

  • Ch-Ch-Changes


    Staffing changes and visitors to the office.

  • The local-federal tug-of-war

    The local-federal tug-of-war

    A live High Country News panel event, readers get ready to vote in our public lands May Madness, and more.

  • Farewell, Ivan Doig

    Farewell, Ivan Doig

    Visitors, magazine scammers, and the loss of an American West icon.

  • Spring visitors

    Spring visitors

    Visitors, speeches and long-time subscribers.

  • HCN writers publish books and garner awards

    Plus visitors to the office and corrections.

  • See you in April!

    See you in April!

    HCN takes a printing break, and welcomes DC correspondent Elizabeth Shogren.

  • January exodus

    January exodus

    HCN’ers get into the backcountry, editor Betsy Marston sees Berlin and art director Cindy Wehling takes a trip to Hawaii.

  • Welcome, new interns!

    Welcome, new interns!

  • We’re hiring – in D.C.!

    We’re hiring – in D.C.!

    HCN needs a D.C. correspondent; visitors came to call.