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    Don't drink the water

    The Central Arizona Project experiences more glitches in Tucson.

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    In Utah, water grows on trees

    A U.S. Geological Survey study shows that Utahns use twice as much water as other Americans.

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    Two Utah counties flee water project

    Two Utah counties, frustrated with the cost of the Central Utah Project, decide to pull out.

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    Pulling out of CAP

    The Central Arizona Project's water price will skyrocket, costing stockholders millions.

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    Tribes may take over Animas-La Plata

    Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Dan Beard invites two Ute tribes to take over the Animas-La Plata water diversion project.

  • Uncommon Westerners

    Can Dan Beard reclaim Reclamation?

    A profile of Dan Beard, head of Bureau of Reclamation, shows his role within the Department of the Interior.

  • Feature

    Now dust is his crop, says Nevada rancher

    Groundwater pumping dries Milt Thompson's Diamond Valley Ranch.

  • Related Stories

    Rancher joins coalition to fight "water grabs'

    A wary rancher joins an environmental group after groundwater pumping dries his ranch.

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    Drought costs firms big bucks

    Arizona charges two concessionaires $1.3 million for dumping trash in Lake Powell.

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    Lawsuit cools Rogue River jets

    A homeowner and an environmental group file a suit arguing that jet-boats on the Rogue River violate the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

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    Fish gotta spawn

    The Bureau of Reclamation's drawdown of the Island Park Reservoir hurts trout.

  • Book Reviews

    Troubled waters

    The National Parks and Conservation Association warns that water pollution and depletion plague the country's national parks.

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    Rio Grande not so

    The Rio Grande is labeled the most endangered river by the environmental group American Rivers.

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    Faxed memo tells all

    A development company mistakenly releases plans to destroy wetlands.

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    The existence of dams forces hard choices

    Eagles and salmon are at odds with hydropower and each other in Idaho.

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