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    New look at a river basin

    The Environmental Defense Fund wants to protect the Colorado River Basin.

  • Book Reviews

    Sole source

    EPA may grant special protection to an aquifer in eastern Washington and Western Idaho as "sole source" of drinking water for the area.

  • Book Reviews

    Water planning in the desert

    Nevada State Division of Water Planning drafts new policy to guide water-planning decisions.

  • Book Reviews

    Save a river

    David Bolling's book How to Save a River offers advice to activists.

  • News

    Undoing a dam is expensive

    Removal of two dams on the Elwha River may prove too expensive, government officials say.

  • Book Reviews

    Pesticides linger in Northwest

    Report finds groundwater contamination by pesticides in the Northwest.

  • Book Reviews

    Colorado water map

    Colorado water education forum provides maps and information.

  • Book Reviews

    Wetlands program wasn't

    Study shows that mitigation projects in Oregon destroyed more wetlands than they created.

  • Book Reviews

    The list no Idaho stream wants to be on

    EPA increases official list of Idaho's polluted rivers to 800.

  • News

    Animas-La Plata a financial boondoggle

    Inspector General's office says the Animas-La Plata water project is "economically infeasible."

  • News

    Fish benefit from trade

    Rancher Rocky Webb swaps his water rights in a stream for a year's worth of hay to help restore steelhead trout.

  • Essays

    Utah and the Ute Tribe are at war

    Distrust from past betrayals makes Utes stall Utah on Central Utah Project.

  • News

    The Great River becomes a great sewer

    The bi-national program Project del Rio monitors the increasing pollution of the Rio Grande on the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • News

    Wyoming dam gets go-ahead

    Construction of Sandstone Dam is approved despite doubts about the geologic suitability of the site.

  • Book Reviews

    Endangered waters

    American Rivers lists 10 endangered rivers.

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