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    The rules

    Lt. Gov. Gail Schoettler offers ground rules for reaching consensus on A-LP.

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    Cease-fire called on the Animas-La Plata front

    Colorado's Animas-La Plata project - the last of the big BuRec projects, and the most mired in controvery - is tackled by opponents and proponents who seek consensus.

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    Polluted waters divide Oregon

    The Oregon Clean Streams Initiative, if passed, would enact the toughest grazing restrictions in the West in an attempt to keep cattle from fouling the waters.

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    Boise braces for floods

    Boise residents acquire sandbags in expectation of a bad flood season.

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    Water, water everywhere and not a drop to adjudicate

    Rachael Paschal of the Center for Environmental Law and Policy tries to convince Washington state that there is not enough water for everyone who wants it.

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    Animas-La Plata hits a wall in the House

    The House of Representatives votes to halt funding for Colorado's controversial Animas-La Plata water project.

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    Getting the lead out

    The Inland Empire Public Lands Council's video, "Get the Lead Out!", warns citizens about toxic mining waste polluting the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene watershed.

  • Book Reviews

    The history of two canyons, in photographs

    Robert H. Webb's "Grand Canyon, A Century of Change" and Eleanor Inskip's "The Colorado River through Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell" are reviewed.

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    Deciding what kind of river we want

    Canyon hydrologist Jack Schmidt says that the decision of how to manage the Colorado River requires a decision on what kind of river people want it to be.

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    Glen Canyon: Using a dam to heal a river

    The first-ever manmade flood of the Colorado River through Arizona's Glen Canyon Dam is intended to help repair the river in Grand Canyon - and perhaps to signal the end of the "technocratic utopia" dream.

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    River bomber discovered down under

    Ken "Taz" Stoner, suspected of bombing Quartzite Falls on Arizona's Salt River, is arrested in Sydney, Australia.

  • Book Reviews

    Ten at risk

    Five Western rivers are in American Rivers' annual report, "North America's Ten Most Endangered and Threatened Rivers."

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    Contradictions on the Columbia

    Northwestern salmon advocates are shocked by Oregon's decision to extend a permit for Boeing Aviation to divert twice the amount of Columbia River water used yearly by the city of Portland.

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    Dam destruction moves closer

    The destruction of two dams on Washington's Elwha River comes closer to reality after President Clinton allots $11 million to the project.

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    Fish kill doesn't sway the EPA

    Despite the killing of fish by polluted water in Montana's Clark Fork River, the EPA still says the removal of the toxic mining sediments that caused the problem is not worth the money.

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