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    A-LP makes a hit list

    Colorado's Animas-La Plata project makes a Washington, D.C., "corporate welfare" hit list, while the Southern Ute Tribal Council ousts outspoken A-LP opponent Ray Frost over allegations of sexual harassment.

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    Water deal quenches many thirsts

    A deal that swaps two potential dam sites above Utah's Zion National Park for a new one below will provide water while protecting the Virgin River.

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    Down with dams?

    Scientists, including Dave Wegner of Grand Canyon fame and geographer Jack Schmidt, are beginning to talk seriously about getting rid of major Western dams.

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    They're still talking about A-LP

    Consensus-building meetings in Colorado's Animas-La Plata water project will continue this winter.

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    Glen Canyon team dismantled

    River ecologist Dave Wegner, who oversaw the research that led to the "manmade" flood in Grand Canyon, quits after the Interior Department shuts down his Glen Canyon Environmental Studies offices.

  • Book Reviews

    Roll on, Columbia

    Two books on the Columbia River, Blaine Harden's "A River Lost: The Life and Death of the Columbia," and William Dietrich's "Northwest Passage: The Great Columbia River," are reviewed.

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    Judge tells EPA to hurry up in Idaho

    Judge William Dwyer orders Idaho and the EPA to develop clean-up plans for 962 polluted rivers, streams and lakes.

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    Power is no longer everything

    Bruce Babbitt signs a historic record of decision to manage Glen Canyon Dam in a way that protects the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

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    Corporate giants slurp up a tiny town's pure water

    Bottled water company Crystal Geyser and brewing giant Anheuser-Busch are among those competing for the exceptionally pure water of Olancha, Calif.

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    Dear reader

    Information on how to obtain further A-LP information.

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    Maggie Fox, Sierra Club

    Maggie Fox, of the Sierra Club, in her own words, on A-LP.

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    Ray Frost, Southern Ute councilman

    Ray Frost, Southern Ute councilman, in his own words, on A-LP.

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    Stella Montoya, La Plata Conservancy District

    Stella Montoya of the La Plata Conservancy District, in her own words, on A-LP.

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    What $710 million buys

    A physical description of the Animas-La Plata water project shows how complex it is.

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    Meanwhile, on the street

    In Durango, Colo., passions about A-LP still run high - with former Mayor Jeff Morrissey cited by police for harassing two anti-A-LP women.

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