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    Fixing Fish Creek

    The Forest Service wants to restore Oregon's Fish Creek, damaged by logging, roadbuilding and landslides.

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    Tribe hopes to dam its way to jobs

    Two dams proposed for Utah's Uinta Mountains, which would provide water and work for the Uintah Basin's Native Americans, face environmental opposition.

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    Accident shakes Flaming Gorge Dam

    A broken pipe in Utah's Flaming Gorge Dam creates a crisis and harms a trout fishery downstream.

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    Whitewater comes roaring back

    PacifiCorp releases water from Grace Dam for two days, and whitewater rapids roar down the Bear River through Grace, Idaho.

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    Owens Valley finally loses patience

    Rural elected officials order Los Angeles to stop diverting 43 million gallons water a day from California's Owens Lake.

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    A-LP looms liter

    Animas-La Plata backers unveil a leaner new version of the proposed dam - A-LP "Lite" - but opponents still have plenty of criticism.

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    Lakes vanish - and then return

    A 10-mile stretch of lakes, creeks and a waterfall in Lincoln County, Wash. - dry for a decade - come back to life this spring as the drought ends.

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    Boise pushes on its river, and the river shoves back

    Boise, Idaho, realizes that its beloved river needs room to flow, and that riverfront development may have to be controlled.

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    Las Vegas may shoot craps with its water

    A small but determined group protests Las Vegas' plan to take more water from Lake Mead and the Colorado River, saying the city's growth is already out of control and a potential public-health disaster looms if the water is contamined.

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    Threatened Rivers

    Five of the 10 most endangered rivers are in the West, according to American Rivers' annual report.

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    Who'll run Hanford Reach?

    Washington Sen. Patty Murray wants to keep the free-flowing, undammed Hanford Reach - the last stretch of the Columbia - free-flowing under federal management.

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    Judge settles Telluride wetlands dispute

    The EPA orders the Telluride Ski and Golf Co. to restore 17 acres of wetlands it filled to build a golf course.

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    Nevada ranchers win water rights

    Nevada's attorney general takes away the BLM's right to hold stock-water rights and says such rights belong solely to ranchers.

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    Trade treaty may protect Arizona river

    A citizens' petition accuses the U.S. Army of allowing one of its bases dry up Arizona's last free-flowing river, the San Pedro.

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    Who wins when a river returns?

    A project to restore a riparian ecosystem would return water to California's Lower Owens River.

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