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    One dam falls, another rises

    A dam on the Diamond Fork River goes down, but the Central Utah Project still lives, with a plan to pump reservoir water to farmers, although not to Salt Lake City.

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    A court deems a lake worthy of water

    A law professor describes the legal process by which California's Mono Lake was preserved from the thirsty city of Los Angeles.

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    Mono Lake: Victory over Los Angeles turns into local controversy

    California's Mono Lake has been saved from Los Angeles' thirst, but a new local battle is brewing over the water in the lake's streams, and the question of how far to take restoration of the area.

  • Book Reviews

    League of Women Voters

    The League of Women Voters plans to survey the public about their knowledge of the causes of water pollution.

  • Book Reviews

    A chance to go wild

    The Forest Service releases report recommending wild and scenic designation for rivers in the Uinta National Forest.

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    Reclaiming a lost canyon

    Those who remember and still mourn for drowned Glen Canyon find new allies in the fight to destroy the dam and restore the canyon.

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    A tale of two rivers: The desert empire and the mountain

    A careful study of the history of the Colorado River Basin and Glen Canyon Dam reveals that the hated dam may have had some good consequences, saving the Upper Basin states from overdevelopment and industrialization.

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    Drain Lake Powell? Democracy and science finally come West

    The proposal to drain Lake Powell is exhilarating because of the debate it will inspire.

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    River stretch ignites a fight

    Washington Sen. Patty Murray seeks to protect the stretch of the Columbia River that flows through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation - known as the Hanford Reach - as a wild and scenic river, but many locals object.

  • Related Stories

    Dam deconstruction - what's next?

    Other dams under consideration for possible destruction include eight in Washington and Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona.

  • Feature

    Deconstructing the age of dams

    California rice farmers decide to destroy salmon-blocking dams in their Sacramento Valley irrigation district.

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    Sierra Club moves to fortify its "drain Lake Powell' campaign

    The Sierra Club's endorsement of draining Lake Powell spurs controversy about dam deconstruction as well as the club's decision-making policy and whether it was violated.

  • Book Reviews

    Let rivers heal

    A report from the Oregon State University's Department of Fisheries says salmon and river restoration needs to focus on entire watersheds to succeed.

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    For sale: a Colorado water district - maybe

    An attempt by the federal government to sell a small irrigation project, the Collbran Project, to local water conservancy districts runs into trouble because the public is not consulted first.

  • Essays

    An Idaho daily breaches the Northwest's silence over tearing down dams

    The Idaho Statesman goes out on a limb with editorials suggesting that four dams on the Snake River - Lower Granite, Little Goose, Lower Monumental and Ice Harbor - be torn down to help the recovery of endangered salmon.

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