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    We wanted to democratize Western water

    In her own words, Denise Fort, chair of the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission, defends the water report.

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    This report could destroy irrigated agriculture

    In his own words, rancher Patrick O'Toole explains why he dissented from the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission's report.

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    Western water: Why it's dirty and in short supply

    The new report, "Water in the West: The Challenge for the Next Century," is a remarkably far-sighted federal study that should serve as both a mission statement and a wake-up call about water management in the arid West.

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    Water in rivers is OK

    New Mexico's attorney general rules that water rights may be held onto even if the water is not diverted from the stream to be used.

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    Nobody gives a damn about this dam

    The Army abandons Red Butte Reservoir in Utah, and leaves no one responsible for the dam, its reservoir and the June sucker fish that live in the water.

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    The birth, life, and coming death of a Wyoming dam

    Someday the Shoshone Dam at the end of the North Fork of Wyoming's Shoshone River will be only a memory, transformed by its silted-up reservoir into a gigantic waterfall.

  • Book Reviews

    California Water Map

    The updated California Water Map explains the state's complex network of water projects.

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    River heritage plan sent downstream

    The American Heritage Rivers Initiative, intended to help rivers such as Colorado's North Fork of the Gunnison, meets surprising opposition from Western conservatives.

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    The power politics of dam removal

    Sen. Slade Gorton waffles over the removal of one of the two unpopular dams on Washington's Elwha River.

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    Intel Corp. denied desert water rights

    The powerful computer chip manufacturer Intel Corp. loses a bid to buy water rights from farmers near Socorro, N.M.

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    Water for people and fish

    A conservation effort will protect the water in Colorado's Snowmass Creek, as well as nearby land and a trailer park.

  • Book Reviews

    Storm Over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future

    "Storm Over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future" by John Hart is reviewed by Jane Braxton Little.

  • Essays

    A river comes apart

    Clearcut hillsides, floods and mudslides on Idaho's Clearwater River raise a warning that the land is dying.

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    Looking at dams in a new way

    An unusual new book put out by the U.S. Geological Survey, "Dams and Rivers: A Primer on the Downstream Effects of Dams," is reviewed by Tom Knudson.

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    A road to nowhere?

    The controversial "road improvement" of the two-lane road through Utah's Provo Canyon faces accusations that a new road could damage the Provo River - even as four major landslides are caused by road crews.

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