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    A research resource to drown in

    The background studies to the report "Water in the West: Challenge for the Next Century" are worth their considerable weight in gold to anyone seriously interested in the complex problems surrounding water in the West.

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    From river to river

    Despite the Endangered Species Act, the uses of water continue to drain life from native fish; on the Platte River, a new era brings many users to the table to negotiate and compromise.

  • Feature

    Saving the Platte

    Environmentalists, farmers and state and federal agencies try to find some kind of consensus even as each reaches for a share of the overused Platte River as it flows from Colorado, through Wyoming and across Nebraska.

  • Book Reviews

    Adopt a stream

    The Colorado Water Conservation Board is working with volunteers to monitor instream flows in some 1,300 streams.

  • Opinion

    'Mr. Dominy, are you a hero or a villain?'

    Former Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Floyd E. Dominy, looks back on his dam-building days without any apologies or regrets.

  • News

    A water baron takes on the establishment

    Would-be water baron Gary Boyce has locals worried about his plans to pump water from under his huge Baca Grande Ranch in Colorado's San Luis Valley and sell it to thirsty Front Range cities.

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    A tangled web of watersheds

    The upper Rio Grande's 15 major tributaries all face distinct problems with a complex history behind them.

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    As mayordomo

    Stanley Crawford says that being mayordomo is like being the heart, pumping out precious fluid.

  • Related Stories

    Next to blood relationships

    An excerpt from Stanley Crawford's book "Mayordomo" traces the connections of blood relationships and water relationships in his New Mexico community.

  • Related Stories

    I am mayordomo

    Stanley Crawford's book "Mayordomo" chronicles his experience as mayordomo of the Acequia de la Jara in his rural New Mexico community.

  • Feature

    A river becomes a raw nerve

    The grassroots environmental group Amigos Bravos seeks consensus in the mostly Hispanic communities along the Rio Costilla in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, where there is never enough water to go around.

  • News

    Western Slope wins water wrestle

    A judge shoots down a water project that would have diverted water from the Gunnison River Basin on Colorado's Western Slope over to Denver's thirsty suburbs.

  • News

    Should a highway run through it?

    The Utah Department of Transportation wants to run the four-lane "Legacy Highway" through 160 acres of federally protected wetlands near Salt Lake City.

  • Essays

    In the Sonoran Desert, a lesson already learned

    As the aquifer that lies under Scottsdale is steadily emptied to provide water for booming development, Arizonans ought to consider the fate of the pre-Columbian desert Indians, who once also thrived in the area - until their water ran out.

  • News

    Locals stand behind an aging dam

    The Savage Rapids Dam on Oregon's Rogue River remains standing despite the threatened coho salmon, because local irrigators are determined to save it.

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