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  • Focus The ghost of Tulare

    The ghost of Tulare

    Steve Haze is determined to restore California's long-vanished Tulare Lake, and now it seems that his dream might finally come true.

  • Focus Catron County confluence

    Catron County confluence

    A threat to Catron County's groundwater brings conservative ranchers and liberal newcomers together.

  • Letters

    Water overdrafts

  • Letters

    Well-grounded fears

  • Letters


  • Book Reviews

    The diplomacy of water

    Norris Hundley's magisterial Water in the West is back in print to enlighten readers about water politics, especially the Colorado River Compact.

  • Sidebar

    A loophole you can squeeze a feedlot through

    In dry eastern Washington, small farmers resent a corporate feedlot’s access to scarce water supplies.

  • Current Death by a thousand wells

    Death by a thousand wells

    Unregulated domestic wells are straining water supplies in Washington’s Yakima Valley and throughout the West.

  • Uncommon Places Water across the Divide

    Water across the Divide

    In 2003, Colorado's Grand Ditch was breached, causing flood damage to the Upper Colorado River and to Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • News

    Slideshow: The tiny creatures of the Great Basin

    Science writer Madeleine Nash talks about the importance of the Great Basin's springs, with photos by Thomas Nash.

  • Multimedia

    Audio: Big threats to small ecosystems

    Freelance science writer Madeleine Nash talks to Marty Durlin about the vulnerable springs of the Great Basin, and the threats they face from invasive species and the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

  • Editor's Note Suck this, Vegas!

    Suck this, Vegas!

    With climate change threatening water supplies, and the economy slowing growth in the West's thirstiest cities, it's time for a paradigm shift.

  • Sidebar

    Vegas forges ahead on pipeline plan

    The Southern Nevada Water Authority is slowly removing obstacles in the way of its plan to pump water from the Great Basin and ship it to Las Vegas.

  • Feature Silenced Springs?

    Silenced Springs?

    Rare and tiny spring-dwelling creatures are threatened by everything from invasive species to Las Vegas' plan to pump groundwater from a rural part of Nevada.

  • Perspective Water and the National Parks

    Water and the National Parks

    National parks are good for a lot of things, including keeping water in rivers.

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