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    Runaway runway advances at Jackson Hole airport

    Despite overwhelming public opposition, Jackson Hole airport officials want to expand the runway of the only airport inside a national park, in Grand Teton National Park.

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    Hands across the water

    Japanese volunteers form a group to build trails and revegetate meadows in American national parks.

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    Santa Fe residents win ski area fight

    The controversial expansion of the Santa Fe Ski Area into a mountain basin called the Tesuque hits a legal snag when regional forester Charles Cartwright orders the original approval ruling to be reconsidered.

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    Yellowstone's wintertime blues

    Record numbers of winter visitors to Yellowstone create controversy about how to manage visitor- and snowmobile-caused problems.

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    A park boss goes to bat for the land

    Yellowstone National Park Supervisor Michael V. Finley stirs controversy and conflict as he fights to save America's oldest national park.

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    Utah's Burr Trail still leads to court

    The Park Service sues Garfield County, Utah, after a road crew repairing the Burr Trail bulldozes a hillside inside the boundaries at Capitol Reef National Park.

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    Yellowstone: Geysers, grizzlies and the country's worst smog

    Winter tourists on snowmobiles are giving Yellowstone National Park the worst air pollution in the country.

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    Santa Fe ski area growth enrages locals

    Local Native Americans, Hispanics and Anglos share outrage at the Forest Service's approval of the Santa Fe Ski Area's Big Tesuque expansion.

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    Eagle County balks at fourth mega-resort

    Eagle, Colo., residents wage a 13-year war against developer Fred Kummer's plans to build a mega-ski resort called Adam's Rib.

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    Power to the power boats

    Floatboaters object to Republican Sen. Larry Craig's bill allowing powerboats unlimited access to Hells Canyon.

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    Yellowstone's closure sparks local fury

    Disgruntled residents of Yellowstone's gateway communities blame Babbitt and the "War on the West" for the federal budget crisis that shut down the national park they make their living from.

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    Fire on the mountain

    The film "Fire on the Mountain" traces the history of WWII's famous 10th Mountain Division, veterans of which founded ski resorts and became prominent environmentalists and outdoor educators.

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    Outfitters take aim at four-wheelers

    Colorado outfitters call for a restriction on the use of all-terrain vehicles on public lands.

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    Olympic-sized rip-off

    Environmentalists claim the Snowbasin Ski Resort is using the Salt Lake City upcoming Olympics as an excuse for a landgrab of Forest Service acreage.

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    Saying please at Devils Tower

    A June voluntary climbing ban at Devils Tower may ease conflicts between rock climbers and Native Americans who use the site for religious ceremonies.

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