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    Why Juan Valdez doesn't haul coffee beans on a llama

    A pack-burro outfitter humorously lambastes the trendy llama.

  • News

    Yellowstone cutbacks bring out the politicians

    Yellowstone Park Superintendent Mike Finley's closure of campgrounds and museums because of budget problems leads to irate responses from Wyoming politicians.

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    Strapped parks look for money

    National parks feeling the budget squeeze look for corporate financial help.

  • News

    New rules seek to cap canyon flights

    The Clinton administration's attempt to increase flight-free zones in Grand Canyon upsets air-tour operators and conservationists who say the new rules aren't tough enough.

  • News

    Feds set "terrible precedent' with Kolob Canyon settlement

    An out-of-court settlement with public agencies will give more than $2 million to survivors of an outing in Utah's Kolob Canyon that killed two Explorer Scout leaders.

  • News

    A cellular call of the wild

    The installation of cellular transmitters in Yellowstone National Park means hikers can now use cellular phones on the trails.

  • Book Reviews

    We love our parks

    The survey "American Views on National Park Issues" shows that parks are very important to citizens.

  • News

    Budget crisis may doom Oregon's state parks

    More than 60 state parks in Oregon face closing - and possible selling off to developers - as victims of budget crisis.

  • News

    Canyon trip turns fatal

    A 15-year-old Boy Scout finds the Grand Canyon deadly, and park rescue crews point out that all visitors need to be prepared.

  • Book Reviews

    Can the silence be unbroken?

    Transportation Secretary Federico Peûa proposes a ban on commercial scenic overflights in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • News

    Ski industry masters the sneak attack

    The ski industry seeks to slip a bill through Congress that would preserve the current low Forest Service fees resorts pay and let them renew 40-year leases without environmental review.

  • News

    Wyoming climbers win equal footing

    A federal judge rules that Devils Tower National Monument cannot prohibit commercial climbing in June to accommodate Native American religious practices at the tower.

  • Essays

    Canyonlands is a park in name only; in truth only highly organized chaos reigns

    A river trip through Utah's Canyonlands National Park leads a winter-naturalist to muse about the geologic chaos inside the park's human-imposed boundaries.

  • News

    Joyriding kills

    Recklessness and speed killed nine snowmobilers last winter in Wyoming near Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

  • News

    Open your wallet; visit a national park

    The National Park Service considers raising park entrance fees that in many cases have remained almost unchanged since the parks were created.

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