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    Through Hells and high water

    The Forest Service bans jetboats from Hells Canyon for 21 days each summer on a 21-mile stretch of the Snake River.

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    What happens above ground...

    Oregon Caves National Monument says the surrounding Siskiyou National Forest is injuring the caves by logging, mining and grazing.

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    Frequent fliers fleece Grand Canyon

    One-third of Grand Canyon air-tour operators are breaking the law by not reporting flights or paying required fees.

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    A harsh and priceless gift to the world

    The author says the Escalante belongs as much to the rest of the world as to Utah, and provides a kind of energy that has nothing to do with coal.

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    Managing the monument: The devil is in the details

    Utah's newest national monument will be managed by the BLM instead of the Park Service, and a lot of the details for that management remain to be worked out.

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    A daunting, beautiful place

    The 1.7 million acres at the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument contain a wide variety of landscapes, life zones and archaeological treasures.

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    The mother of all land grabs

    Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, R., in his own words, condemns the new monument.

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    A Bold Stroke: Clinton takes a 1.7 million-acre stand in Utah

    President Bill Clinton uses the Antiquities Act of 1906 to designate a new 1.7 million-acre national monument in southern Utah, and reactions range from joy to indignation and outrage.

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    Colorado resort shelves ski expansion

    The Crested Butte Ski Resort in Colorado drops its plans to build new ski runs on a neighboring mountain.

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    If they build it, will more come?

    A plan to build a visitor's center for Utah's Grand Gulch worries some, who fear more people - including pothunters - will be encouraged to visit the area.

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    Glacier Park finds itself inundated

    A new management proposal for Montana's Glacier National Park, designed to control visitor overcrowding, meets opposition from the local tourism industry and others.

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    Snail's trail leads to Yellowstone

    Prolific New Zealand mudsnails are invading Yellowstone Park's Madison River, where scientists worry they will disrupt the food chain.

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    Forget widgets, we sell wilderness

    Western wilderness is too popular for its own good - especially among wealthy foreigners who come to ski at Vail.

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    Choose not to go boldly outdoors

    The writer suggests that Westerners start a sabbatical for the land - letting it rest entirely sometimes from hiking and other recreation.

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    Devils Tower may get a second name

    Some Wyoming residents object to Superintendent Deborah Liggett's talk of renaming Devils Tower to something less offensive to Native Americans who regard the site as sacred.

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