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    When parks close, towns lose

    A report by the National Parks and Conservation Association says that gateway communities suffered big economic losses when national parks closed during the 1996 government shutdown.

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    Grizzlies and tourism collide on Wyoming road

    The proposed widening and straightening of Highway 14-16-20, the link between Cody, Wyo., and Yellowstone National Park, raises tremendous controversy between tourism boosters and environmentalist critics.

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    Grand Canyon rafting fees inflate

    Rafting fees to float the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon are being increased this year.

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    Silence wins in Colorado

    The FAA bans all commercial overflights of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park without much opposition.

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    Money can't buy a full season

    Higher entrance fees at Yellowstone won't necessarily keep the park open, because the money needs to go to repair roads and buildings, park officials warn.

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    Horses, bikes push into petroglyph park

    Environmentalists and Native Americans object to a proposed Park Service management plan that would develop bike and horse trails in New Mexico's Petroglyph National Monument.

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    It will be noise as usual in Grand Canyon

    The FAA's new rules for overflights at Grand Canyon will not ease the noise problem at all, critics say.

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    Profound noise reigns

    Musician Paul Winter decries the growth in aircraft noise in the Grand Canyon since he first recorded music in the park 30 years ago.

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    Wildlife plan teams with controversy

    "Teaming with Wildlife," a proposal to raise money for wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation by adding a small change to the cost of bird-seed, kayaks, hiking boots, etc., faces opposition from both the left and right.

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    Parks want "drug-free' river guides

    River guides and outfitters protest new drug-testing requirements begun in Grand Canyon National Park and soon to come to Utah's Canyonlands and Dinosaur National Monument.

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    Trying to think the good thoughts about ATVs

    An elk hunter dislikes ORVs despite their convenience because they make the country too small.

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    Can Madison Avenue tread lightly in the West?

    Tread Lightly! tries to rein in reckless ORV advertising that glorifies the vehicles ripping up the land.

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    Motorheads: The new, noisy, organized force in the West

    Well-organized and well-heeled, off-road vehicle users constitute a large and powerful group aiming to stake its claim to the West's public lands.

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    The "tough love' trial is over

    The Utah trial of eight North Star employees in the death of Arizona teenager Aaron Bacon on a "tough-love" wilderness program ends with only the field instructor, Craig Fisher, guilty as charged.

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    One win, one loss

    The Telluride Ski and Golf Company is allowed to double the size of its skiing area, but must pay a fine and restore 19 acres to wetlands near the resort.

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