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  • Book Reviews Of flotsam and jetsam

    Of flotsam and jetsam

    In Strand: An Odyssey of Pacific Island Debris, naturalist Bonnie Henderson traces the origins of the strange things she finds on the Oregon seashore.

  • Writers on the Range Out of the nest and into a tent

    Out of the nest and into a tent

    Twenty-two-year-old Allison Linville finally owns a home of her own, even if it’s just a tent in the wilderness.

  • Focus Political guns

    Political guns

    Every winter, Yellowstone park rangers risk their lives dynamiting avalanches so snowmobile tourists can get across Sylvan Pass.

  • Writers on the Range Thinking green in the midst of winter

    Thinking green in the midst of winter

    Ari LeVaux fights the wintertime blues by curling up with a pile of lavishly illustrated seed catalogs and dreaming of next spring’s garden.

  • Writers on the Range

    A tale of heartbreakin' and asskickin'

    Walt Gasson deeply loved a mule, but that mule tragically broke his heart – not to mention several of his bones.

  • Essays Methow Homecoming

    Methow Homecoming

    A man contemplates his relationship with a landscape that he is always loving and leaving.

  • Book Reviews

    Night: not just for astronomers

    In the anthology Let There Be Night, editor Paul Bogard and 29 writers and scientists testify on behalf of the value of darkness.

  • Heard Around the West

    Outdoor slacking still takes work

    InsideOutside magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary

  • Heard Around the West

    A new definition of pluck

    A biting fox hangs on, but so does a jogger.

  • Editor's Note

    If you build it, will they come?

    A desert village called Big Water and a troubled ski resort near the hardscrabble town of Beaver are two unlikely places in Utah where entrepreneurs plan to build exclusive resorts for the ultra-rich.

  • Feature

    An unlikely Shangri-la

    Steve and Marc Jenson have ambitious plans to turn a failed ski resort near Beaver, Utah, into a private enclave for the ultra-rich, but not everyone is thrilled about the idea.

  • Writers on the Range

    Off-roaders drive closer to the Grand Canyon

    Former Park Service employee Bill Wade condemns agency plans to open public land near the Grand Canyon to off-road vehicle use.

  • Letters

    Got a license for those antlers?

  • Book Reviews

    Solo journeys, life lessons

    In the nine essays gathered in her new book, Hiking Alone, poet and artist Mary Beath celebrates nature from the point of view of an independent woman.

  • Uncommon Westerners

    Survival and the fittest

    Ultra-marathon runner Nikki Kimball races to keep her spirit strong and her personal demons at bay.

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