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    Can the silence be unbroken?

    Transportation Secretary Federico Peûa proposes a ban on commercial scenic overflights in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

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    Ski industry masters the sneak attack

    The ski industry seeks to slip a bill through Congress that would preserve the current low Forest Service fees resorts pay and let them renew 40-year leases without environmental review.

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    Wyoming climbers win equal footing

    A federal judge rules that Devils Tower National Monument cannot prohibit commercial climbing in June to accommodate Native American religious practices at the tower.

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    Canyonlands is a park in name only; in truth only highly organized chaos reigns

    A river trip through Utah's Canyonlands National Park leads a winter-naturalist to muse about the geologic chaos inside the park's human-imposed boundaries.

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    Joyriding kills

    Recklessness and speed killed nine snowmobilers last winter in Wyoming near Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

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    Open your wallet; visit a national park

    The National Park Service considers raising park entrance fees that in many cases have remained almost unchanged since the parks were created.

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    Runaway runway advances at Jackson Hole airport

    Despite overwhelming public opposition, Jackson Hole airport officials want to expand the runway of the only airport inside a national park, in Grand Teton National Park.

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    Hands across the water

    Japanese volunteers form a group to build trails and revegetate meadows in American national parks.

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    Santa Fe residents win ski area fight

    The controversial expansion of the Santa Fe Ski Area into a mountain basin called the Tesuque hits a legal snag when regional forester Charles Cartwright orders the original approval ruling to be reconsidered.

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    Yellowstone's wintertime blues

    Record numbers of winter visitors to Yellowstone create controversy about how to manage visitor- and snowmobile-caused problems.

  • Feature

    A park boss goes to bat for the land

    Yellowstone National Park Supervisor Michael V. Finley stirs controversy and conflict as he fights to save America's oldest national park.

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    Utah's Burr Trail still leads to court

    The Park Service sues Garfield County, Utah, after a road crew repairing the Burr Trail bulldozes a hillside inside the boundaries at Capitol Reef National Park.

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    Yellowstone: Geysers, grizzlies and the country's worst smog

    Winter tourists on snowmobiles are giving Yellowstone National Park the worst air pollution in the country.

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    Santa Fe ski area growth enrages locals

    Local Native Americans, Hispanics and Anglos share outrage at the Forest Service's approval of the Santa Fe Ski Area's Big Tesuque expansion.

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    Eagle County balks at fourth mega-resort

    Eagle, Colo., residents wage a 13-year war against developer Fred Kummer's plans to build a mega-ski resort called Adam's Rib.

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