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    DOE unlocks some classified data

    Department of Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary launches an "openness initiative' that reveals the DOE's sordid past.

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    How many are there?

    The House of Represenatives passes a bill to launch the National Biological Survey.

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    Hail to the chief

    Wildlife biologist Jack Ward Thomas is appointed as the new chief of the Forest Service.

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    Some in West want Bruce Babbitt's head

    A group of ranchers calls for Bruce Babbitt's resignation, charging misconduct and dirty politics.

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    Recall defeated in Utah

    Members of the Grand County Council beat back a recall vote, despite a well-financed campaign.

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    Robertson out, Unger in, Thomas in limbo

    Clinton selects replacements for the Chief and Associate Chief of the Forest Service.

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    Western politics heat up

    Political races in Idaho and Wyoming heat up after Gov. Cecil Andrus and Sen. Malcolm Wallop retire.

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    A job for a feminist

    Tara O'Toole is confirmed as assistant secretary for environment, health and safety after being blackballed by Sen. Malcolm Wallop as a radical.

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    Oregon legislative session is a wash

    Several land-use bills cause division and compromise among wise-use and environmental groups in Oregon's state legislature.

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    Moving up at the BLM

    Jim Baca appoints an African American woman, Denise Meridith, as his second-in-command at the BLM.

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    Babbit is no Stegner or Abbey

    An essay on whether or not Babbitt is helping the environment at the Interior Department.

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    The toner connection

    Arizona Senator DeConcini is accused of doing favors for a recycled toner business.

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    More questions for Packwood

    The Oregon Bar Association considers sanctions over harrassment charges against Packwood.

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    Supervisors ask: Was it coincidence or treachery?

    Two Montana National Forest supervisors quit to protest reassignment.

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    More Clinton appointees are confirmed

    Clinton appoints officials to the BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, NPS, US Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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