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    The 105th Congress didn't come completely clean

    Although many of the worst anti-environmental riders were struck from the budget bill, the 105th Congress did not leave environmentalists with much to be happy about.

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    Defensive GOP cleans up its budget act

    After weeks of bluster and deal-making, Republicans quietly dropped 30 or so anti-environmental riders to the appropriations bill.

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    On The Trail

    Washington voters will decide between two women candidates for the Senate - incumbent Patty Murray, D, and Linda Smith, R; Green Party candidate Sam Hitt challenges incumbent Ray Powell, D, for New Mexico state lands commissioner.

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    Are the West's governors turning over a new (green) leaf?

    The Western Governors' Assn. recently agreed unanimously on a "shared environmental doctrine," giving the federal and state governments shared responsibility for environmental protection - but some critics say it's just another push for states' rights.

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    He fought Oregon's developers

    Former Sen. Ted Hallock recalls his 20 years in the Oregon Senate, particularly his work to pass his state's nationally recognized land-use planning law, a quarter-century ago.

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    The Oregon way

    Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, D, is determined to solve difficult problems - such as the recovery of his state's wild coastal coho salmon - at the state level, through consensus.

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    A familiar name returns to Western politics

    The Udall family still lives in politics, as Morris Udall's son, Mark, runs for Congress in Colorado and Stewart's son, Tom, runs for the House of Representatives in New Mexico.

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    God to Helen: "Do I know you?'

    In a tongue-in-cheek essay, the writer talks to God and passes on the divine opinion concerning Idaho Rep. Helen Chenoweth.

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    On The Trail

    Utah Republican Rep. Merrill Cook loses environmental support to his challenger, Lily Eskelson; in Idaho, League of Conservation Voters puts up money to defeat Rep. Helen Chenoweth; Ariz.'s "Growing Smarter" initiative apparently not what it seems to be.

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    Congress avoids buying public land

    The Land and Water Conservation Fund is tied up in politics and milked to balance the budget, rather than spent to purchase public lands as it was intended to do.

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    A senator for the New West in the race of his life

    Democrat Harry Reid brings a reputation for integrity, a record of environmentalism, and the toughness he kept from his hardscrabble Western upbringing into a challenging race for a third term as a U.S. Senator from Nevada.

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    On The Trail: Election 1998

    Democrat John Vinich will run against Wyoming Gov. Jim Geringer; Utah hunters create an initiative, Proposition Five, to prevent future anti-hunting laws; in Oregon, Measure 64 would ban clear-cutting on both public and private land.

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    These legislative riders sit low in the saddle

    Republicans have attached a barrage of anti-environmental riders to unrelated legislation coming before the Congress, and Democrats seem unsure how to respond.

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    New Mexico Greens here to stay

    In New Mexico, an energetic Green Party is siphoning votes from the Democratic Party and seeks to give the Republicans a run for their money.

  • Book Reviews

    Pat Schroeder: Tougher than Teflon

    Recently retired Rep. Pat Schroeder, D-Colo., has written a memoir titled "24 Years of House Work... And the Place is Still a Mess: My Life in Politics."

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