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    The last living Democrat in Idaho lays it on the line

    "Cecil Andrus: Politics Western Style," by Cecil Andrus and Joel Connelly, is a good read about a good political life.

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    The West of the "90s is the South of the "60s

    The Republican Revolution may be stalled in the rest of the country, but the Rocky Mountain West remains a stronghold for GOP hard-liners.

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    Election day highlights from around the region

    WY: Republicans win; MT: Developers pay; NV: Sen. Reid, D, re-elected; WA moves to left; ID: Republicans rule; NM: Heather Wilson wins; CO: Mark Udall only Democrat to win; OR: Gov. Kitzhaber re-elected; AZ: Republicans win; UT: Gay Democrat wins.

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    Split on trapping

    California voters banned leghold traps, while Utah voted to prohibit citizens' initiatives that would restrict hunting or trapping unless they get a two-thirds vote of approval.

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    Keep on cutting

    In Oregon, voters defeated a ban on clear-cutting forests, but agreed to allow the state to spend some lottery funds on parks and habitat protection.

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    Voters thread through the ballot

    In Colorado, ballot initiatives regulating hog farms won, and water developer Gary Boyce's San Luis Valley initiatives lost.

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    Courting the green vote

    In Arizona, an open space-saving scheme called "Growing Smarter" wins despite environmental opposition.

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    Mining takes another hit

    In Montana, Initiative 137 banning new cyanide heap-leach gold mines wins despite a last-minute campaign blitz by the mining industry.

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    The 105th Congress didn't come completely clean

    Although many of the worst anti-environmental riders were struck from the budget bill, the 105th Congress did not leave environmentalists with much to be happy about.

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    Defensive GOP cleans up its budget act

    After weeks of bluster and deal-making, Republicans quietly dropped 30 or so anti-environmental riders to the appropriations bill.

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    On The Trail

    Washington voters will decide between two women candidates for the Senate - incumbent Patty Murray, D, and Linda Smith, R; Green Party candidate Sam Hitt challenges incumbent Ray Powell, D, for New Mexico state lands commissioner.

  • Related Stories

    Are the West's governors turning over a new (green) leaf?

    The Western Governors' Assn. recently agreed unanimously on a "shared environmental doctrine," giving the federal and state governments shared responsibility for environmental protection - but some critics say it's just another push for states' rights.

  • Related Stories

    He fought Oregon's developers

    Former Sen. Ted Hallock recalls his 20 years in the Oregon Senate, particularly his work to pass his state's nationally recognized land-use planning law, a quarter-century ago.

  • Feature

    The Oregon way

    Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, D, is determined to solve difficult problems - such as the recovery of his state's wild coastal coho salmon - at the state level, through consensus.

  • News

    A familiar name returns to Western politics

    The Udall family still lives in politics, as Morris Udall's son, Mark, runs for Congress in Colorado and Stewart's son, Tom, runs for the House of Representatives in New Mexico.

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