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    A new road for the public lands

    President Clinton and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt have a new strategy for protecting and managing the public lands, encouraging citizens and politicans to implement national conservation values in a regional and local way.

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    Never underestimate a working majority

    The working majority in Congress enforces or ignores Rule 16 as it pleases - the rule that prevents policy-making amendments being added to appropriations bills.

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    The quiet Takings Project is trespassing on democracy

    The Takings Project and its mastermind, law professor Richard Epstein, are trying to put a stop to any federal or state regulation of business and property, and despite their flawed reasoning, many conservative judges are under their influence.

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    A political outsider wages a clever campaign

    Montana farmer Brian Schweitzer launches a lively campaign for election to the United States Senate, running as a Democrat in a Republican stronghold.

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    Congress searches for a "green conspiracy'

    In a spirit of overreaction reminiscent of McCarthyism, Alaska Republican Don Young sets up a task force to investigate what he calls the "Warner Creek Timber Sale Eco-terrorism" - a protest on the Willamette Nat'l Forest in Oregon resulting in arrests.

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    Take the green elephant off the endangered list

    Republican environmentalists are making a comeback in Congress.

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    Beware Alaskans bearing gifts

    Conservative Alaska Rep. Don Young is sponsoring a bill to buy more land for the public domain, but environmentalists are not cheering.

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    A statesman steps off the stage

    Morris K. Udall, former Arizona congressman who recently died, is remembered as a dedicated statesman who understood compromise.

  • Book Reviews

    The last living Democrat in Idaho lays it on the line

    "Cecil Andrus: Politics Western Style," by Cecil Andrus and Joel Connelly, is a good read about a good political life.

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    The West of the "90s is the South of the "60s

    The Republican Revolution may be stalled in the rest of the country, but the Rocky Mountain West remains a stronghold for GOP hard-liners.

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    Election day highlights from around the region

    WY: Republicans win; MT: Developers pay; NV: Sen. Reid, D, re-elected; WA moves to left; ID: Republicans rule; NM: Heather Wilson wins; CO: Mark Udall only Democrat to win; OR: Gov. Kitzhaber re-elected; AZ: Republicans win; UT: Gay Democrat wins.

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    Split on trapping

    California voters banned leghold traps, while Utah voted to prohibit citizens' initiatives that would restrict hunting or trapping unless they get a two-thirds vote of approval.

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    Keep on cutting

    In Oregon, voters defeated a ban on clear-cutting forests, but agreed to allow the state to spend some lottery funds on parks and habitat protection.

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    Voters thread through the ballot

    In Colorado, ballot initiatives regulating hog farms won, and water developer Gary Boyce's San Luis Valley initiatives lost.

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    Courting the green vote

    In Arizona, an open space-saving scheme called "Growing Smarter" wins despite environmental opposition.

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