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    Washington's Steel Magnolia

    Washington state Democrat Maria Cantwell, who is running against longtime Republican Sen. Slade Gorton, is backed by tribes and environmentalists.

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    On the trail

    VP candidate Cheney decries solar-power tax relief; Pat Buchanan calls protesters at Denver's Columbus Day parade "neo-fascists"; Wash. voters split over antitrapping initiatives; Ariz.'s Prop. 102 would hamper wildlife; in Ariz., a vote on development.

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    Democrats see the light in Montana

    November's elections may be a political watershed for Montana, with a possible power shift to moderate yet progressive-minded Democrats in Congress and the governor's office.

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    Libertarian is Chenoweth's heir apparent

    C.L. "Butch" Otter, who is running for the U.S. House seat that Rep. Helen Chenoweth, R, is leaving, has gained points in conservative Idaho by fighting the EPA over destroying part of a wetland.

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    Water runs through a congressional race

    Democrat Curt Hohn, who fought South Dakota's huge water project, the Oahe Unit, is running against Republican John Thune for the U.S. House of Representatives.

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    Stalking Slade

    An unprecedented, informal coalition of angry Indian tribes, environmentalists and Democrats are going after Washington Republican Sen. Slade Gorton's seat in November, and Gorton's opponent - Democrat Maria Cantwell - may have a chance for victory.

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    On the Trail

    Bush and Gore fight for New Mexico; Sierra Club goes after Bush in Spanish in N.M.; in Utah, Jim Matheson, D, leads Derek Smith, R; in Montana, Dems rally Indians; Friends of the Earth rebut Washington Republicans.

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    Bush camp backpedals on toppling monuments

    Republican vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney backs away from his earlier statement that George W. Bush might rescind the national monuments Clinton created.

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    On the trail

    In Montana: Brian Schweitzer vs. Conrad Burns, and race for Rick Hill's seat; Idaho's boring election; in Washington, Deborah Senn and Maria Cantwell fight for Slade Gorton's seat; Oregon's Measure 7 is about "takings."

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    Can 'property rightsniks' stop a popular bill?

    The Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 2000, which would guarantee permanent funding for 15 years for buying land for conservation, has broad support but still faces an interesting dance through a complicated Congress.

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    The U.S. isn't dead yet

    Despite all the anti-federal talk, especially in the West, the government is still in place, and still trying to do its job.

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    Learning to think like a region

    As regionalism grows, Westerners find that environmental issues have less and less to do with political boundaries.

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    In search of a politics of union

    In the West, a search for the politics of union is threatened by runaway litigation and advocacy groups that refuse to compromise.

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    Notes from a fence-sitter

    An environmentalist with a Wyoming ranching background tries to find common ground between greens and cowboys who both love the land.

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    The West's power game

    In the changing political and socio-economic realities of the West, different groups need to learn to listen to each other.

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