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    Congress' 11th-hour moment of maturity...

    After an extended display of childishness, the 104th Congress ends by acting more like grown-ups.

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    Should city slickers dictate to trappers?

    A columnist says that ballot initiatives designed the way they are in Colorado allow urban areas to dictate to rural areas on sensitive issues like hunting.

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    How citizens make laws

    Initiatives, referenda and constitutional amendments are explained.

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    Has big money doomed direct democracy?

    The use of initiatives and referenda - direct democracy - to change the law for environmental reasons faces a challenge when big money enters the picture.

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    The body politic may edge to the left

    The under-rated issue of voter turnout may be the key to a shift in Washington politics.

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    Public-lands issues loom large in November

    The fate of school-trust lands and other public-land issues divide Democrat Kathy Karpan and Republican Mike Enzi in the race for retiring Sen. Alan Simpson's seat.

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    Indian gamblers target green lawmakers

    In New Mexico, Native American gambling interests fight a battle against environmentalist candidates.

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    A green state could return to its roots

    Democrats hope to make progress in Oregon at both state and national levels.

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    Moderates may gain in most conservative state

    Environmental concerns may help moderates regain ground in Idaho.

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    Brown air could lead to greener state politics

    Republicans seem to be solidly entrenched in Arizona, but some environmentalists see a possible shift in the direction of moderation.

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    Nevada: Who hates nuclear waste most?

    In Nevada, a tight race for Congress has Republican John Ensign and Democrat Bob Coffin arguing over which of them hates the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository the most.

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    Arizona: Harvesting a bumper crop of bombast

    In Arizona, a state with a history of eccentric and sometimes impeached politicians, Democrat Steve Owens challenges colorful Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth.

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    Washington: Greens storm the suburbs

    In Washington, environmentalists defeated in the 1992 election scramble to mobilize the suburbs and win back the state's voters.

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    Skunked Democrats hope to turn the tide

    In Washington, Democrats hope to win back the state Legislature that went to Republicans two years ago.

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    Montana: For veteran Baucus, it seems to be in the bag

    In Montana, Democratic incumbent Max Baucus forges ahead of Republican challenger Dennis Rehberg in the race for the Senate.

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