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    1872 Mining Law comes calling on Sun Valley

    The possibility of a new gold mine near Sun Valley ski area in Idaho causes a controversy over land use priorities.

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    Lost money in Utah

    The BLM comes under fire from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for misplacing $1.2 million in grazing fees.

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    Showdown on the range

    Legislators will decide the fate of Bruce Babbitt's Rangeland Reform "94 package.

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    Ranchers block public land in Wyoming

    Ranchers block hunter access to a federal grazing allotment in Wyoming despite a BLM mandate.

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    The public process

    Congress will select a conference committee to negotiate a compromise mining bill.

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    The vagaries of western mine reclamation

    A "Review of Hardrock Mine Reclamation Practices in Western States' by Ann Kersten and Susan Lynn provides technical background for mining law reform.

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    Lighthawk patrols mining

    The environmental air-force, Lighthawk, is available to fly journalists, activists and politicians over mines to rally support for reform of the 1872 Mining Law.

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    How to break the impasse over mining reform

    Miner John Livermore and Sierra Club mining expert Glenn Miller draft a compromise bill for mining reform.

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    State sues miners

    Colorado sues the owners of a Mid-Continent resources for failing to reclaim coal mine near Redstone, Colo.

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    Wyoming hikes grazing fees

    The Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners hikes grazing fees despite criticicsm from Sen. Malcolm Wallop.

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    EPA cites Montana mine

    The EPA cites a Montana mine for seven violations of the Clean Water Act.

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    Reprieve in Montana

    The Bureau of Land Management withdraws 20,000 acres of Sweetgrass Hills, a Native American spiritual site, from mineral development for two years.

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    Voices from the grave

    Ranchers protest the proposed grazing fee hike at a People For the West! rally in New Mexico.

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    New mine disaster looms over Colorado

    The Forest Service says the former Mid-Continent coal mine site in Colorado could be difficult to reclaim.

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    Overlooking overgrazing

    BLM employees submit a report charging their agency with rangeland degradation.

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