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    Can land trades stop a subdivision and clean up a mine?

    An ambitious land-swapping plan may help reclaim some of Mid-Continent Resources defunct mines while also protecting them from development.

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    Wonder hemp

    A review of "Industrial Hemp" touts potential of growing the currently illegal plant for products including paper, paint, and even dynamite.

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    Grazing settlement favors ranchers

    A lawsuit over grazing on Montana's Beaverhead National Forest is settled in ranchers' favor.

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    Politics and threats keep cows on public land

    Amid rumors of violence, the Forest Service backs down on its plan to cut the number of Kit and Sherry Laney's cows that graze a wilderness allotment.

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    Who killed the cows?

    Rancher Tom Kelly believes environmentalists may have shot 13 of his cows.

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    The heat is on

    The Forest Service is pressured to reverse decision removing most of Kit and Sherry Laney's cattle from the Diamond Bar allotment.

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    Back to grazing reform ... maybe

    New grazing regulations are released by BLM with little fanfare.

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    Congress helps ranchers, too

    Senate approves bill requiring the Forest Service to reissue grazing permits to ranchers.

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    No final solutions for farmers

    Environmentalists, irrigators and Indians battle over water in Nevada's Lahontan Valley.

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    A tale of two ranches

    Two Nevada ranching families are worlds apart in their attitudes toward managing the land.

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    Feds flex their muscles

    Federal attorneys sue Nye County, Nev., for claiming that Nevada owns public lands.

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    How Montana fouled a family's water

    Cyanide from a defunct gold mill has contaminated Jan and David Zimmerman's well water.

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    Grazing fees drop

    Grazing fees decrease instead of being raised on federal lands.

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    Was cleanup a "taking'?

    The company that owns the land on which the disastrous Summitville Mine sits files "takings" suit against the state and federal government.

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    Holy water

    A part-time farmer in drought-stricken northeast Oregon founds "church" to obtain umlimited water use.

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